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Terms and Conditions: Hopper Cancel For Any Reason for Hotels™

Within the Tripadvisor Travel Portal, Hopper (USA), Inc. (“Hopper”) may make available to you its Hopper Cancel For Any ReasonTM service (“Hopper CFAR”). Hopper CFAR provides flexible travel services that enable you to cancel your hotel booking made through the Tripadvisor Travel Portal within a defined period of time and receive a full or partial refund, as set forth in these terms and conditions (“CFAR Terms”).  By purchasing Hopper CFAR, you agree to these CFAR Terms with Hopper. Neither Tripadvisor LLC nor any of its affiliates (collectively, “Tripadvisor”) are party to these terms.

Availability of Hopper CFAR may vary, and Hopper CFAR may not be available to all customers on all bookings. Hopper may revise these CFAR Terms at any time by updating this posting.  The CFAR Terms listed on the date you make a Hopper CFAR purchase shall control for that booking.

Hopper CFAR is subject to the following requirements and restrictions:

  1. How it works. Purchasing Hopper CFAR enables a purchaser (“you”) to cancel your hotel stay at any time and for any reason prior to your check-in time and receive a refund as specified to you at the time of your purchase and more fully described in Sections 5 and 6 of these CFAR Terms. 
  2. Purchasing Hopper CFAR. Hopper CFAR may only be purchased at the time you book your hotel stay, and may not be added after booking. The fee for Hopper CFAR is a service fee and is always non-refundable. By purchasing Hopper CFAR, you authorize Hopper to charge your selected payment method for the quoted fee amount. Hopper reserves the right to deny purchases of Hopper CFAR for any reason permitted by law.
  3. How to Cancel. If you have purchased Hopper CFAR for any Tripadvisor Travel Portal hotel booking, you may cancel that purchased hotel stay directly in the Tripdadvisor Travel Portal. Neither documentation nor reason will be required in order to cancel. Using Hopper CFAR will result in a cancellation of the entire booking for all rooms and all guests on all dates within the booking. Partial cancellations are not permitted.
  4. Valid Cancelation. Except as provided in Section 8 below, you must cancel your hotel stay purchase via the Tripadvisor Travel Portal or by contacting Tripadvisor support in the channels provided in the Tripadvisor Travel Portal prior to the check-in time stated in your confirmation email. Your hotel stay purchase cannot be canceled directly with your hotel - doing so will not qualify for a CFAR refund. After the check-in time stated in your confirmation email has passed, Hopper CFAR will expire and any changes or cancellations to your purchased hotel stay will be subject to the rules imposed by the hotel. 
  5. Refund Amount and Form of Refund. Upon valid cancellation, we will refund to you 100% of the total cost of your hotel stay (including applicable taxes). The refund will be processed to your original method of payment, and is usually available within three to five business days. Hopper CFAR does not entitle you to a full refund of all trip costs; no additional expenses beyond the cost of the hotel stay purchased through the Tripadvisor Travel Portal will be reimbursed (including, for example, the purchase price of Hopper CFAR, fees due at check-in but not yet paid, or any other purchased items such as trip insurance or airfare). If you purchased Hopper CFAR for a hotel stay you paid for, in whole or in part, with a nonrefundable promotion made available via the Tripadvisor Travel Portal, any promotions applied at purchase will not be included in the amount of any refund in the event you elect to cancel. If you have not pre-paid for the entirety of your hotel stay, your refund amount will be limited to the stated amount or percentage paid when you purchased Hopper CFAR, but in all cases no more than the total amount of your hotel stay that you have paid to date. 
  6. Hotel Refund Policies. If you do not purchase Hopper CFAR, you may still be entitled to a more limited refund from your hotel under certain circumstances. Even if you purchase Hopper CFAR, you are only entitled to a single refund for your hotel stay and only up to the amount of the hotel stay you have paid at the time of valid cancellation. If you purchase Hopper CFAR and then cancel your hotel stay, your refund, if any, will come from Hopper, and you will not be entitled to any refund from your hotel. By purchasing Hopper CFAR you agree to receive a refund under Hopper CFAR (if eligible) in lieu of any refund directly from your hotel. For more detailed information regarding your existing cancellation policy from the respective hotel provider, visit the hotel’s website.
  7. Modifications to Hotel Stay. If your purchased hotel stay has been modified at your request after booking resulting in an additional charge, Hopper CFAR will apply only to the original amount of the purchased hotel stay. 
  8. Exclusions. You will not be able to use Hopper CFAR if, after your purchase, any of the  following  occur: a cancelation of your purchased hotel stay by the hotel for any reason, including the result of a force majeure event; any voluntarily cancelation or change requested by you directly with any hotel providing a hotel stay subject to Hopper CFAR; a declaration of an “emergency” or similar “extraordinary measures” taken by any governmental authority in the destination city, region, or country of your trip, or issuance of a Safety and Security Alert by the United States Department of State or a Travel Health Notice Warning by the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) for such destination.  In the event of such cancellation, or change, declaration of emergency, alert, notice, designation, or other similar government action after you purchase Hopper CFAR, your Hopper CFAR purchase shall expire immediately and you will no longer be able to exercise Hopper CFAR. Therefore, any refund of your hotel stay purchase will be subject to the rules imposed by the hotel.    
  9. Additional Information. Hopper CFAR is only valid for the hotel booking for which it was purchased, and must be purchased for all rooms, all dates and and all guests on the booking. Hopper CFAR is not transferable and cannot be carried over to any future hotel bookings.
  10. Not Insurance. Hopper CFAR allows you to cancel hotel stays purchased via the Tripadvisor Travel Portal for any reason within the CFAR Terms without incurring additional fees. Hopper provides its customers with Hopper CFAR to provide a more seamless and flexible travel experience. The CFAR Terms are not an offer to insure, do not constitute insurance or an insurance contract, and do not take the place of insurance obtained or obtainable by you.