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Tripadvisor Text Terms & Conditions

Tripadvisor Text is a travel guidance service provided via SMS-based text messaging (although the specific technology utilized may evolve over time) that connects users with travel industry professionals (“Trip Insiders”), who assist users in planning their trips (together with those “Services” referenced in the Tripadvisor Terms, Conditions and Notices, these are collectively referred to as the “Services”, while, individually, this SMS-based travel guidance service is described as “Tripadvisor Text”). These terms and conditions (“Tripadvisor Text Terms”) are between you and TripAdvisor LLC ("Tripadvisor," “we,” “our,” or "us") and set out the terms under which Tripadvisor provides Tripadvisor Text. 

In addition to your use of Tripadvisor Text being governed by these Tripadvisor Text Terms, your use of Tripadvisor Text, including accessing Tripadvisor Text via the Tripadvisor websites and mobile properties (such websites and mobile properties being collectively referred to as the "website”) is also governed by the Tripadvisor Terms, Conditions and Notices, as well as the Privacy and Cookie Statement (as each may be revised from time to time) (collectively, the Tripadvisor Terms, Conditions and Notices and the Privacy and Cookie Statement shall be referred to as “Additional Terms”), which are specifically incorporated into and expressly made a part of the Tripadvisor Text Terms by this reference. Where any such Additional Terms conflict with the Tripadvisor Text Terms, the Tripadvisor Text Terms will control with respect to your use of Tripadvisor Text. Any capitalized terms not defined in these Tripadvisor Text Terms shall have the meanings given to them in the Tripadvisor Terms, Conditions and Notices.  

These Tripadvisor Text Terms, along with the Additional Terms, govern your relationship with us with respect to your use of Tripadvisor Text, including your engagement with Trip Insiders. By using Tripadvisor Text, you (a) accept these Tripadvisor Text Terms (including the Additional Terms, as incorporated) and (b) acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for conducting your own due diligence regarding any information or recommendations that Tripadvisor provides to you. Note that if you are a subscriber to our Tripadvisor Plus subscription service, your Tripadvisor Plus membership is governed separately by the Tripadvisor Plus Subscription Terms and Conditions, as well as the Additional Terms.

COVID-19 Information. Subject to your obligation (as described above) to verify any and all recommendations or guidance Trip Insiders provide you as part of Tripadvisor Text, you acknowledge and agree that any travel-related guidance Trip Insiders provide you regarding COVID-19 shall be used solely for general information purposes, and not as a substitute for in-person evaluation or specific professional (medical, legal, financial, etc.) advice. By providing you with such COVID-19-related guidance, neither Tripadvisor nor its third-party service providers are providing you with any sort of professional, expert advice, nor shall the provision of such information form the basis of a professional-client (e.g., doctor-patient) relationship. For these reasons, Tripadvisor cannot and therefore does not represent, warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by Trip Insiders to you. You acknowledge that Tripadvisor and its corporate affiliates (referred to in the Tripadvisor Terms, Conditions and Notices as the “Tripadvisor Companies”) shall not be liable for any loss or damages caused by your reliance on any COVID-19 related information or content provided by Tripadvisor.

Content and Communications. Through your use of the Services, you may encounter links to third-party sites and apps or you may be able to interact with third parties and related sites and apps. This may include the ability to share Content from or via the Services with such third-party sites and apps. Any interactions with third parties, their sites, and/or their apps are at your own risk. Any information you provide to Tripadvisor through your use of Tripadvisor Text, including via SMS (or other text message method), email, the Internet, phone, or chat function, is considered Content under the Tripadvisor Terms, Conditions and Notices and is subject to the license grant, confidentiality terms, and all other terms regarding Content in that document, excluding the Restricted License option. Your communications with Trip Insiders may be monitored in order to safeguard our community, and the Services and will be processed in accordance with our Privacy and Cookie Statement. Tripadvisor Text should not be used to share special category or sensitive data, including, for example, the sharing of passports or national identity cards, personal health information or financial information (such as payment card data). Mobile messaging and data rates may apply to your use of Tripadvisor Text.

Booking Facilitation Services. Through use of Tripadvisor Text, the Tripadvisor Companies offer you the ability to search for, secure input as to, select, and book travel reservations with third-party suppliers without leaving the Services. This ability to search for, secure input as to, select, and book travel reservations with third-party suppliers is referred to as “booking facilitation services” in the “Booking with Third-Party Suppliers Through Tripadvisor” section of the Tripadvisor Terms, Conditions and Notices

Guidance from Trip Insiders. Through use of certain Services (other than Tripadvisor Text) that the Tripadvisor Companies make available to you, Account Holders (as defined in the Tripadvisor Terms, Conditions and Notices) may rate and review particular transportation services, accommodations, restaurants, tours, activities or other events based on their own experience. As a general rule, the Tripadvisor Companies do not endorse or recommend the products or services of any third-party suppliers, although Tripadvisor does issue certain businesses awards that are based on reviews posted by Account Holders. As part of your use of Tripadvisor Text, however, Trip Insiders may convey their personal recommendations or opinions to you regarding certain products and services offered by third parties (e.g., restaurants, accommodations, and other points of interest) (these recommendations and opinions are, collectively, referred to as “opinions”). Where Trip Insiders do provide you with their opinions regarding the products and services offered by third parties, these opinions may not reflect the views of the Tripadvisor Companies. These opinions are, therefore, provided to you with the expectation that you will independently vet them in a thorough and careful manner in order to determine for yourself whether such recommendations are suitable under the circumstances. Accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that it is your affirmative obligation to carefully and thoroughly vet our Content (including, without limitation, Trip Insider opinions) against other reliable sources of up-to-date travel-related information. In addition, you agree that the Tripadvisor Companies are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of information they obtain from third-party suppliers and display on or via the Services.