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The Journey of a Review

Ever wondered what steps Tripadvisor takes to moderate reviews? Watch this short video to learn more about:

  • The technology Tripadvisor uses to track and evaluate reviews,
  • What happens when we spot a suspicious review,
  • The three main types of fake or biased reviews and how we catch them,
  • The role of our investigations team, and 
  • What businesses can do to request an investigation

For more information about our reviews guidelines, click here.

Review Transparency

The first-ever Review Transparency Report reveals never-before-shared details about its review moderation processes, as well as statistical data on the volume of fake review attempts targeted at the platform in 2018. It details the multi-layered approach Tripadvisor takes to ensure reviews posted on its pages comply with the site's guidelines. The report also provides a detailed breakdown of the proportion of reviews that were either blocked or removed.

To read the full report, click here.