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Tripadvisor’s Review Transparency Report reveals just 4.4% of listings found to be fake
Third edition of Tripadvisor’s Review Transparency Report reveals how it keeps the platform fair and safe
Just 4.4% of Tripadvisor reviews determined fraudulent, with 72% of these caught before being published
Reviews that report a serious issue are 10 times more likely to be read than typical reviews, as platform seeks to warn travellers of safety concerns

LONDON, UK, 11 April, 2023 - Tripadvisor®, the world's largest travel guidance platform, today released the third edition of its Review Transparency Report, revealing the steps taken to tackle fake reviews and keep users safe and informed. 


As travellers and diners returned in full force post-pandemic, the biennial report reveals that 30.2 million reviews were posted in 2022, a 20% increase since 2020 when the previous edition of the report was published. 


Despite perceptions around the integrity of online reviews, only a fraction of total submissions from 2022 were determined to be fake or fraudulent at just 4.4%. Of this 4.4%, Tripadvisor’s robust detection and moderation processes prevented 72% of submissions from ever making it onto the platform, up from 67% in 2020. Around 2.3 million reviews were manually investigated by a Tripadvisor moderator. 


Combatting paid reviews

While paid review companies have a damaging impact on consumer trust, they do in fact represent a small proportion of fraudulent content on the site. In 2022, Tripadvisor removed just 24,521 reviews associated with paid review companies - almost half originated from the same six countries: India, Russia, U.S., Türkiye, Italy, and Vietnam.


To deter businesses from resorting to paid reviews and maintain the authenticity of content on the site, Tripadvisor takes strict action against offending establishments. Content bans, ranking penalties and red badges flagged on the listing are all used to discourage businesses from cheating the system. This year’s Review Transparency Report reveals that Tripadvisor applied a ranking penalty to just over 33,000 businesses for fraud and issued 341 red badge warnings in 2022, each of these enforced with a ranking penalty.


“Platforms like ours are built on trust, so we never stop learning and improving our systems to ensure our community has access to honest, accurate content,” said Becky Foley, Vice President, Trust & Safety at Tripadvisor. “The findings from this report show that our approach is working; we’re catching a higher proportion of fraudulent content before it is published, with nearly three-quarters of fake reviews never even making it to the platform.”


Keeping travellers safe

Built on transparency, and with over 11.1 million businesses listed worldwide, Tripadvisor has a duty to keep its community of explorers safe - one it takes extremely seriously. An important, but less recognised feature of the site is alerting travellers to potential safety incidents. 


During 2022, almost 600 reviews were posted by Tripadvisor’s community that described a serious safety incident during a travel or dining experience. In order to increase awareness, filters are placed on these listings and reviews to help users more easily identify potentially problematic businesses - and this approach is clearly working. Reviews that report a serious safety incident are over 10 times as likely to be read, than reviews that do not, the report reveals.


Of the reviews that include safety notices, the majority (44.34%) are related to hotels, followed by bookable experiences (34.83%) and restaurant reviews (20.83%).

“I’m incredibly proud of our efforts to shine a light on the more troubling review content submitted by our community,” added Becky Foley. “Sharing details of distressing incidents requires courage and all those who have been brave enough to share their experiences will hopefully take heart from the fact that their reviews are being seen by others and are making a real-world difference.”

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