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Tripadvisor Releases Seasonal Travel Index Results (June - August 2023), Outlining Traveller Sentiment and Insights for Australia, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States

SINGAPORE, May 10, 2023 - Tripadvisor®, the world's largest travel guidance platform, releases its latest Seasonal Travel Index, providing an outlook for global travel patterns and demand over the next three months. The Index includes top takeaways for the upcoming season, along with country-specific Tripadvisor demand data and insights from its latest traveller sentiment survey.


Seasonal Travel Takeaways

1. The majority of travellers are planning summer trips

With summer round the corner in Singapore, the next three months look set to be an extremely busy period for travel, with over three-quarters of those surveyed (84%) planning leisure trips between June and August. The vast majority of these travellers (97%) plan to travel the same amount (31%) or more (66%) compared to last year. 


2. Most will spend more than they did last year

Over half of those surveyed (68%) will spend more on travel in the next few months compared to the same period last year, while around a quarter (26%) expect to spend about the same amount. Just 6% plan to spend less, despite a challenging economic outlook for many markets. Indeed, 1 in 2 travellers surveyed (50%) said macroeconomic factors will change how they travel over the next three months, with two-thirds of these (62%) citing higher living costs, due to inflation, as the reason. Around two-fifths (43%) will travel for shorter periods, while a third (39%) will take fewer trips.


3. City-breaks remain popular

While beach destinations usually feature prominently in the list of top leisure trip destinations for Summer, it’s the world’s major cities that will continue to dominate travel demand between June and August. According to Tripadvisor’s site behavioural data, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Seoul are the top three international destinations for travel over the next three months. Even in Australia, where travellers typically look to South-East Asia for winter sun, the data shows London will be the most in demand destination, with Singapore coming in second and Paris third on the list. 


4. Younger travellers eager to explore this season

Millennials, in particular, seem eager to get back out there, with the Index revealing that this group are more likely to travel this upcoming season, compared to other age groups. However, younger respondents (Gen Z and millennials) are also more likely to alter upcoming travel plans due to macroeconomic factors compared to older groups (49% vs 31%, on average).


5. Vacation planners looking for new experiences 

Over two thirds  of respondents (69%) have booked or plan to book on-trip activities ahead of their upcoming trip, highlighting a trend for more experiential trip elements. Gen Z and Millennial travellers are more likely to make advance bookings for experiences and activities than older age groups (68% vs. 41%, on average).


Alice Jong, Research and Insights Senior Analyst, Media at Tripadvisor commented: “With so many eager to get away this summer, early planning and booking are vital to secure preferred accommodations, flights, and experiences. With many consumers conscious of cost in the current climate, a little flexibility during the planning process can help to drive down the price of their trips. For example, when we look at the top international destinations over the next three months, Bangkok hotel prices are lowest during the week July 24-30, while June 19-25 is the most affordable week to visit Hong Kong.”


Traveller Sentiment Survey Data

Of those surveyed, two-thirds (78%) of respondents plan to travel for leisure this upcoming season

  • US: 82%

  • UK: 81%

  • AUS: 66%

  • JP: 65%

  • SG: 84%


Collectively, over half of respondents (53%) are planning to travel more this upcoming season than they did last year.

  • US: travel more (55%), about the same (39%), less (6%)

  • UK: travel more (42%), about the same (48%), less (10%)

  • AUS: travel more (43%), about the same (49%), less (8%)

  • JP: travel more (50%), about the same (48%), less (2%)

  • SG: travel more (66%), about the same (31%), less (3%)


Of those, over three-quarters (77%) plan to take between 1-2 trips, while more than one-in-five (22%) plan to take three or more trips. 

  • US: 1-2 trips (62%), 3-5 trips (31%), 6+ trips (7%)

  • UK: 1-2 trips (79%), 3-5 trips (18%), 6+ trips (3%)

  • AUS: 1-2 trips (87%), 3-5 trips (10%), 6+ trips (2%)

  • JP: 1-2 trips (84%), 3-5 trips (13%), 6+ trips (3%)

  • SG: 1-2 trips (80%), 3-5 trips (15%), 6+ trips (5%)


Almost half (46%) plan to travel domestically, while around a quarter will travel either internationally (27%), or both domestically and internationally (28%)

  • US: Domestic (70%), International (6%), both (25%)

  • UK: Domestic (31%), International (32%), both (37%)

  • AUS: Domestic (57%), International (16%), both (27%)

  • JP: Domestic (80%), International (5%), both (15%)

  • SG: Domestic (4%), International (68%), both (28%)


Over half of travellers globally (55%) plan to spend more on travel this upcoming season compared to the same period last year. 

  • US: 60%

  • UK: 46%

  • AUS: 50%

  • JP: 57%

  • SG: 68%


Only two in five respondents (41%) said macroeconomic factors will change how they travel over the next three months.

  • US: 41% (41% will take shorter trips, 37% will take fewer trips)

  • UK: 32% (48% will take shorter trips, 40% will take fewer trips)

  • AUS: 29% (38% will take shorter trips, 32% will take fewer trips)

  • JP: 47% (36% will take shorter trips, 18% will take fewer trips)

  • SG: 50% (43% will take shorter trips, 39% will take fewer trips)


Cost/affordability (65%) is nearly twice as important to respondents as other factors such as trip length (38%) and trip type (35%) when planning a vacation.

  • US: Cost/affordability (62%), trip length (41%), trip type (36%)

  • UK: Cost/affordability (71%), trip length (45%), trip type (45%)

  • AUS: Cost/affordability (72%), trip length (45%), trip type (32%)

  • JP: Cost/affordability (71%), trip length (27%), trip type (35%)

  • SG: Cost/affordability (63%), trip length (38%), trip type (21%)


Top Destinations

  • Dates of search: January 10  - April 10, 2023

  • Dates of travel: May 29 - August 31, 2023



  1. Paris, France

  2. London, U.K.

  3. Rome, Italy

  4. Cancun, Mexico

  5. Barcelona, Spain

  6. New York City, U.S.

  7. Antalya, Turkey

  8. Punta Cana, Caribbean

  9. Orlando, U.S.

  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands


  1. Bangkok, Thailand

  2. Hong Kong, China

  3. Seoul, South Korea

  4. Chuo, Japan

  5. London, U.K. 

  6. Paris, France

  7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  8. Seminyak, Indonesia

  9. Shinjuku, Japan

  10. Osaka, Japan


Most popular day and week to travel by country - June 01 to August 31, 2023


Most Popular Day of Travel

Most Popular Week of Travel

United States

June 03

June 12 - July 18

United Kingdom

June 30

May 29 - June 04


June 30

June 26 - July 02


June 30

May 29 - June 04


June 11

May 29 - June 04


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The data cited in this release was gathered and analysed from two key sources:


A Tripadvisor Consumer Sentiment Survey, based on data drawn from an online survey of over 2,400 consumers, in partnership with Qualtrics, conducted between March 17-27, 2023 across six countries - Australia, Italy, Japan, Singapore, U.K. & U.S.


Site behavioural data sourced from first party traffic data on the Tripadvisor platform, gathered between January 10 2023- April 10 2023, for searches made by travellers in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan and Singapore for travel between June 01 through August 31, 2023.



This report was compiled by Tripadvisor’s research (Alice Jong) and communications (Duncan Skehens) teams in partnership with survey results conducted by Qualtrics Research. 




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* Source: SimilarWeb, unique users de-duplicated monthly, January 2023

** Source: Tripadvisor internal log files