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TripAdvisor Announces 'Luxury for Less Guide' to Help Travellers Afford Their Dream Holiday
TripAdvisor ‘Luxury for Less Guide’ reveals when to save up to 51% on hotels in iconic travel destinations you thought were out of your reach

TripAdvisor®, the travel site that helps travellers find the latest reviews and lowest prices, wants to help them realise their dreams. From Tokyo to Bora Bora, the TripAdvisor ‘Luxury for Less Guide’ has identified eight of the most lust-worthy destinations and reveals ideal times to visit when smart shoppers can save between 20% - 50% on their hotels.

TripAdvisor asked its global social media community* to name dream holiday destinations they would love to visit but thought were out of their price range. TripAdvisor, which compares hotel prices on over 200 sites, reveals through its Luxury for Less Guide the time periods with the lowest rates and also factors in variables such as weather and seasonal activities to identify the “best value time period”** to travel.

What Smart Shoppers Really Need To Know To Save

TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data reveals that travellers longing to head to island-nation Mauritius can save up to 51% if they travel in September compared to peak season. Bora Bora, considered a paradise for honeymooners, offers the highest total average saving (S$691) of all the destinations featured in the Luxury for Less guide when travelling during the best value time period in April.

Travellers who are dreaming of a trip to perennial-favourite Tokyo should travel in May where they can expect an average saving of 21%. May is also the best value month for those who wish to indulge in the natural scenery of Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfalls system in the world, offering an average saving of 31%.

City-slickers who have always wanted to visit New York City can do so in March with an average saving of 33% on accommodations while Hawaii offers the highest flexibility for a value visit with four months to choose from with an average saving of 20%.

Dream Destination

Best Value Months

(according to TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data and seasonal factors)

Average savings in % and total***

(compared to peak season)

All prices are in Singapore Dollars





Bora Bora




New York City









Iguazu Falls (Brazil)




Tokyo (Japan)









April / May

September / October



For the complete list of ‘Luxury for Less Guide’ that includes travel tips to each destination, please refer to the Annex below.



* Featured dream destinations were selected by asking the community – via the TripAdvisor social media channels – which destinations they would love to visit but thought they couldn’t afford. These comments were analysed and weighted and used by TripAdvisor for the destination list for the Luxury for Less Guide.

**Best Value Time Period is defined by TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data and factors such as local weather and seasonal activities.

*** Average savings are determined by comparing hotel prices in the peak travel season vs. best value time period using the TripAdvisor hotel price comparison taking into account 3*+ accommodations with a minimum of 3.5 bubbles on TripAdvisor.

All prices reflected have been converted from US Dollars to Singapore Dollars via on 4 October 2017.