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Hotels, B&B, Inns and Specialty Lodgings given ability to promote their own unique brands with launch of “Storyboard” feature

 TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel site, today announced the launch of Storyboard, a new photo tool that makes it easy for managers to blend together their best photos and top reviews into a promotional preview of their accommodation that engages potential guests on TripAdvisor.


Storyboard takes the place of a static photo on the property's listing page. It is created from the best photos, review snippets and tags from an accommodation's page and is designed to capture the eyes, interest and bookings of potential guests on TripAdvisor. This dynamic attention-grabbing presentation delivers a powerful first impression to new customers, and invites past customers to visit again.


“We want accommodations to tell their stories, their way with Storyboard,” said Robin Ingle, senior vice president, global sales, TripAdvisor. “This new feature is a welcome addition to Business Advantage that helps hoteliers to attract and engage potential guests — and influence their booking decisions - on the world's largest travel site.”


Storyboard is available exclusively to Business Advantage Preferred Access subscribers. It is just one of many enhancements to the photo interface on the listing page, which include:


  • A better organized and easier to navigate redesigned photo-viewer.
  • Favourite Photos are now prioritized in the newly redesigned carousel on the property’s listing page.   
  • Cover Photos allows subscribers to hand-select the main images for addition photo categories that appear alongside the carousel.


Other features available to TripAdvisor Business Advantage subscribers include:

  • Favourite Review: subscribers can showcase a recent great review near the top of their business page.
  • Better Data: Provides accommodation subscribers with better traveller engagement, competitor and marketplace data, all in one new Analytics Suite.

Please see examples of the functionality with Australian hotels:


Wyndham Hotel - Melbourne

Art Series - The Johnson - Queensland