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Report Reveals Travellers Can Find Significant Value in Destinations Worldwide When Booking Their Hotels at Optimal Times Data Shows Travellers Can Save 10% on Australasia Hotels for the Holidays When Booking in Late November

TripAdvisor®, the travel planning and booking site, today announced its “Best Time to Book” Holiday report, revealing the least expensive times to book hotels in popular global destinations for the December and New Year’s Eve holidays, based on TripAdvisor hotel booking and meta click data 1.


“Travellers researching hotels across Australasia for their December holidays can find great value mid-July onwards, but those booking on TripAdvisor during the late November lows, can save 10% vs. the early year peak!” said Joanne Kershaw, TripAdvisor spokesperson. “The TripAdvisor booking data shows that significant savings can be gained if you know when to book. Travellers can use TripAdvisor’s insights to cost-effectively book their next interstate or international holiday.”


TripAdvisor analysed historical hotel booking and interest in nine popular regions around the world for the last two weeks of December. The best time to book was defined as periods when hotel prices were less than the average for the destination.  The research showed that the best time periods to book vary depending on the region or city where the traveller is looking to visit. While most destinations see a gradual change in prices over time, some destinations see dramatic changes from week to week for holiday hotel rates.  Below is the breakdown of potential savings for world regions and popular world cities when comparing the least expensive to most expensive times to book hotels for the end-of-year holidays. 


Best Time to Book Hotels for December Holidays in World Regions


  • Book South Pacific from mid-July on to the end of December.

Hotels average $170 during the last two weeks of December and travellers can save in particular during the September and late November lows, about 10% vs the early year peak.


  • Asia sees best savings from September onwards.

Hotels in Asia are a bargain at an average of $89 for the holidays and decline gradually beginning in February to the end of December. Travellers that book after September to the end of the year can save 16% or more versus peak rates. 


  • Travellers should shop for European deals beginning in March but can find consistent value by booking after mid-November.

European hotels average $157 for the holidays.  Prices level out in March offering value for travellers and stay relatively consistent until prices decline 5% in mid-November, approximately 15% savings compared to the early year peak. 


  • Book U.S. hotels starting in November.

U.S. hotels during the holidays average $183 per night and pricing remains fairly steady from March until November when rates start to decline. During Thanksgiving week, travellers can save the greatest amount, 21% overall compared to early year peak pricing.  


  • Caribbean hotel prices remain relatively steady all year.

Holiday rates remain consistent around the $317 average in the Caribbean, with prices slightly lower in summer but varying by only a few percent throughout the year.


  • Central America rates are flat and climb slightly towards the end of year.

After remaining flat for most of the year at an average of $150, prices gradually rise about 5% higher starting in late August through the end of the year. 


  • South America values available starting in September until the end of the year.

Hotel rates drop about 10% from mid-July to September then remains steady around its $121 average until a final drop of another 5% for last minute bookers in mid-late December.  Booking during this window can save 24-30% vs the early year peak.


  • Prices begin to drop for Middle East hotels starting in November.

Average rates for the holiday weeks are $211 and prices remain relatively steady from May until November, when prices drop 17% or more versus the early year peak.


  • Start booking your holiday stays in November for Africa.

Prices average $158 in Africa for the end of year holidays and fluctuate about 5% from late March until November when they start to decline steadily, from 10% less than the early year peak.


Best Time to Book Hotels for the Holidays in Popular World Cities for Travel


  • Bangkok – $59 holiday average; book from late July to end of year for 13% savings or more.
  • Barcelona – $142 holiday average; dramatic changes throughout year; book from early November to end of year for 19% savings or more.
  • Beijing – $74 holiday average; from book from October to end of year for 17% savings or more.
  • Berlin – $123 holiday average; significant changes throughout the year, book in November to end of year for 35% savings or more.
  • Buenos Aires – $107 holiday average; rates level out in September and hover around the average until a 14% drop in late December for last minute bookers.
  • Cancun – $288 holiday average; dramatic price changes throughout the year, with prices highest through the summer before coming down as much as 17% in late November. 
  • Cape Town – $296 holiday average; book from mid-September to end of year for 14% savings or more vs peak.
  • Dubai – $334 holiday average; significant changes in rates throughout the year and last minute bookers in mid-December can save 41% vs peak. 
  • Dublin – $166 holiday average; week to week swings of as much as 10% throughout the year; last minute booking opportunities starting in early December with 26% saving vs peak.
  • Hanoi – $46 holiday average; prices under average until mid-November when prices begin to rise to peak prices, as much as 17% at the end of December vs mid-October rates. 
  • Istanbul – $145 holiday average; from mid-July prices remain steady until a decline in mid-November when travelers can save 26% or more vs peak.
  • Jakarta – $60 holiday average; starting in late August prices begin to flatten at low rates until the end of the year, 29% savings or more vs peak.
  • London – $240 holiday average; prices decline just below the average beginning in mid-September before prices decline in mid-November when travelers can save 20% vs the peak. Last minute bookers can save as much as 35% in mid-December.
  • Marrakech – $149 holiday average; after price volatility throughout the year prices begin to decline in late October, with lows in late November, as much as 19% compared to peak.
  • Moscow – $64 holiday average; travelers can find low rates starting in August when where travelers can save 34% or more vs peak.
  • Mumbai – $73 holiday average; prices hit lows and flatten out starting late August, when travelers can save 17% or more vs peak.
  • New York City - $414 holiday average to about $391 per night; prices start coming down in mid-September with another drop in mid-November.
  • Paris – $206 holiday average; start booking in early November until end of year to save 23% or more vs peak.
  • Prague – $134 holiday average; Dramatic swings from week to week throughout the year.
  • Rio – $148 holiday average; week-to-week volatility throughout the year, before prices begin to come below the annual average in late August when travelers can save 42% or more vs the peak.  
  • Rome – $144 holiday average; prices decline in November when travelers can save 20% or more vs the peak. 
  • Singapore – $146 holiday average; starting in August rates remain relatively low until the end of the year and travelers can save 16% or more vs peak.
  • Sydney – $215 holiday average; Gradual decline throughout the year; by late August travelers can begin to find prices dramatically below average and save 55% or more vs early year peak prices.
  • Tokyo – $140 holiday average; prices swing by about 5% every week or two throughout the year.

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Notes to editors:

Hotel pricing and average destination rates are based on TripAdvisor hotel instant booking and meta click data, aggregated from booking partners, including online travel agencies and direct hotel suppliers.


TripAdvisor analysed data from December 2014- December 2015  including all hotels with sufficient pricing data. 


All prices are converted from USD to AUD on 4 October 2016 via