borough marketBorough Market in London.Alex Segre/Shutterstock

The INSIDER Summary:

  • TripAdvisor launched a Check-Index to see where travelers and locals spend their time in cities around the world.
  • Tourists often visit museums and monuments, while locals frequent farmers markets and shopping centers.
  • Both groups enjoy Chicago's Magnificent Mile, New York City's Madison Square Garden, and Berlin's Alexanderplatz.

Some travelers consider it a badge of honor to be mistaken for locals in a new city, and try to avoid crowds and clichés by seeking out lesser-known favorites. Others have the confidence to tout selfie sticks and rock their fanny packs without shame as they flock to famous sites. 

If you're looking for a happy medium, TripAdvisor launched a mobile Check-Index to see where both travelers and locals spend the most time in cities around the world — and if those locations overlap.

Here are the most popular tourist sites and local spots in 11 cities around the world.