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Many pets going on vacation too

…One of the most recent surveys was done by the site TripAdvisor, which asked 1,000 animal owners about their plans for travel in the next 12 months and whether pets would go along.

The findings: 49% of those survey said they planned to take their pets on an upcoming trip.

Among those folds, 56% said they will stay in hotels with their pets. That would be an uptick from last year when 51% of the people survey checked into hotels with their pets.

Also, 35% of people who plan to travel with their pets in the next year said they would stay in vacation rentals. That's up from 24% who did so in the last year.

Why do people travel with their pets?

"Our survey shows that TripAdvisor travelers love the companionship of their pets while on vacation," spokesman Brooke Ferencsik said, "as 57% indicated it's their top reason for taking them along for the ride."

Ferencsik said 75% of the surveyed travelers who vacation with pets said they typically have no trouble finding animal-friendly accommodations.