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Best Apps and Websites for Travelers

...Get a Second Opinion: TripAdvisor

More than 100 million user-submitted reviews for hotels, restaurants, and local attractions make this the only public forum you’ll need to query. Connect your Facebook account to the site to see your friends’ critiques and recommendations.

Runs On: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone

T+L Tip: Wary of your carbon footprint? TripAdvisor’s new GreenLeaders filter lets you find sustainable hotels from coast to coast...

Maximize Your Legroom: SeatGuru

Never get stuck in the middle again. Just enter your flight number and consult one of SeatGuru’s nearly 800 cabin layout charts, which offer details on legroom, seat-back amenities, recline ability, and proximity to bathrooms. A bonus: when you shop for flights on the site, a built-in key provides a comprehensive snapshot of each plane’s comfort factors.

Runs On: Android, iOS

T+L Tip: SeatGuru now has user-submitted photos of airplane cabins and, occasionally, in-flight meals.