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Stephen Kaufer

Stephen Kaufer is co-founder and chief executive of the Web site TripAdvisor. Known for user-generated reviews of hotels, flights, restaurants and vacation rentals, the site is consulted by more than 260 million unique visitors per month.

READING An old friend of mine, Ted Olinger, finally got around to writing a book. It’s called the “The Woodpecker Menace” and it’s a series of short vignettes about his life off the beaten path, about an hour southeast of Seattle. It’s just a slice of life. Not super heavy on the morals.

I’m also reading “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. You’ve probably heard of that one. I’ve known Sheryl for a couple of years. I thought she did a wonderful job of bringing the challenges women face in the workplace to the forefront so any guy like me can understand and can see how there’s a logical cause and effect and how I, as a C.E.O., and everyone else can improve this situation.

LISTENING Carole King and James Taylor, the oldies but goodies. Pink is a relatively new addition to the rotation. I have tickets to go see her in Boston in December, which I’m excited about. I’ve seen James Taylor in concert a couple of times and that’s the most boring concert I can think of. I’ve heard Pink concerts are a blast.

WATCHING “Family Guy.” People are appalled that I like it, and my wife won’t watch it with me. TripAdvisor has a Halloween party and I have frequently attended in my full-size Stewie costume. The adults think it’s modestly amusing but the kids think it’s hysterical.

FOLLOWING I stay up to date with TechCrunch and AllThingsD. They are great vehicles to hear about interesting really early ideas. You read about new companies just forming that have nothing but an idea. Traditional mainstream reporting doesn’t want to cover something until it’s meaningful to the world.

Another interesting site is, which is taking the TripAdvisor model and letting patients rate medical care. It’s in the U.K., where there’s a national health system, and this company is using the power of customer feedback to improve the services the government is providing. I’m very intrigued with the concept.

PUZZLING My wife and I do crosswords together. It’s fun, quality time. Our brains think differently enough that we’re able to solve the puzzle together whereas separately neither of us would be able to finish the thing. Someone took a really funny picture of us on a tandem bicycle in the Pan-Mass bike-a-thon. I’m up in front and we had taped a crossword puzzle on the back of my shirt. The rest of the bikers thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

DIVING My favorite scuba diving spot is Cozumel. Yes, I have been all over the world but I know how far away the rest of that world is and honestly, there is still a lot underwater in Cozumel I haven’t seen.