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The cities with the most expensive and affordable room service

Helsinki has emerged as the most expensive city in the world for room service, where visitors can expect to shell out an average of $38 USD for a club sandwich.

In TripAdvisor’s newly released 2014 TripIndex Room Service, analysts compared the cost of in-room amenities like a club sandwich, a bottle of water, peanuts, a can of soda, a mini bottle of vodka and dry cleaning service to come up with a ranking of the most expensive and affordable destinations for common incidental hotel items.

Visitors bound for Helsinki should be prepared to reach deeper into their pockets, as the average total bill for the room service amenities mentioned clock in at $89.

That’s about five times as expensive as the cheapest destination, Tunis, Tunisia, where complete room service amenities cost a modest $18.

Not surprisingly, Scandinavia emerged as the most expensive region on the index, with Nordic cities claiming four of the top 10 most expensive spots. After Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen also made the list.

The survey also revealed that travelers can expect to pay 22 percent more for room service amenities in the US compared to other major destinations around the world.

The average total cost for room service in US cities is $55, compared to $45 for international cities.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas emerged the most expensive destination in the US for hotel amenities, followed closely by New York and Washington DC.

The most affordable cities in the US are Denver, Seattle and Minneapolis.

The international index looked at four-star hotels in about 50 countries, while the US ranking examined hotel data from 15 of the most popular tourist markets, also with a minimum four-star rating...