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Why Are 77 Percent of Americans Working During Vacation?

You are finally on that long-awaited vacation.
You kick off your shoes, lean back in your chair, lift a fruity drink to your mouth, and — check your work email? According to a survey released this week, 77 percent of Americans admit to working during vacation and 91 percent of them are, yes, checking email.
These vacations are perhaps better described as “workations” says TripAdvisor.
That’s because, aside from checking and responding to email, travelers are checking and responding to voicemails and creating and editing documents, according to the survey of 16,100 employed travelers from 10 countries (2,100 from America). Americans are the worst culprits at 77 percent. The average percentage of travelers working on vacation from the other nine countries is 40 percent.
Why are we doing it? The top reason we work during vacation is because 65 percent of us feel there are urgent situations that need our attention.
And then some of us aren’t taking vacations at all.
A study released this week by Travel Effect, an initiative of the U.S. Travel Association, called “Overwhelmed America: Why Don’t We Use Our Paid Time Off?” says 40 percent of Americans do not use all of their paid vacation time.
Why aren’t we taking our time off? Because we don’t want to return to a mountain of work, we feel no one else can do our work (there’s a name for this: “work martyr”), we say we can’t afford it, and we fear being seen as replaceable.
Rest assured that your boss understands how important paid days off are, says Travel Effect. Nearly all senior business leaders agree that vacations benefit employees, because workers return “focused, recharged, and renewed.”
So what are you waiting for? Book that trip!