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TripAdvisor: Best Pizza Parlors in the U.S.

New York and Chicago have been locked in a rivalry for pizza supremacy for decades, and the travel site TripAdvisor looked to settle the matter by calculating millions of reviews to determine the favorite cities and restaurants for a slice.

And results are … more or less deadlocked. While deep-dish-loving Chicago took the No. 1 spot as the favorite pizza city in the U.S., thin-crust-happy New York placed three pizza restaurants in the top 10, including the No. 1 choice, whereas the Windy City had none.

Which joint makes the best pizza of all? That honor goes to a relative newcomer: Juliana’s Pizza in Brooklyn, the creation of famed pizza entrepreneur Patsy Grimaldi, who opened it in 2012.

TripAdvisor compiled the rankings by factoring the quantity and quality of pizza restaurant reviews, giving extra weight to reviews from the last year. Also, the ratio of pizza restaurant reviews to non-pizza ones were taken into account.

“Using time-tested techniques and premium ingredients, the top 10 U.S. pizzerias are successful as they always keep their eyes on the pies,” said Brooke Ferencsik, TripAdvisor’s director of communications. “These popular pizza joints toss up mouthwatering and sometimes unique takes on the American staple from apricot-sauced pies in Alaska to white clam creations in Connecticut.”

Here are the top 10 pizza restaurants, including a trademark dish for each:


1. Juliana’s, New York

Be sure to try: the Classic Margherita, which comes from a brick-lined, coal oven.


2. Pizza Time of St Augustine, Saint Augustine, Fla.

Be sure to try: Grandma’s Sicilian Pizza, as well as the garlic knots.


3. Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria, Anchorage, Alaska

Be sure to try: The “Amazing Apricot,” topped with apricot sauce, cream cheese, carrots and chicken.


4. Keste, New York

Be sure to try: The Marinara, in either regular or gluten-free varieties. All the pies are made in a true-to-specifications, Neapolitan oven.


5. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco

Be sure to try: The famous Margherita, if you get there early – Tony’s only makes 73 of them per day and they go fast. If you miss out, another heralded choice here is the Cal Italia with prosciutto, asiago, mozzarella, italian gorgonzola, croatian sweet fig preserve, parmigiano, and no sauce.


6. Pizzeria Regina, Boston

Be sure to try: The Giambotta, a 3-pound pizza that includes pepperoni, Regina sausage, salami, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and Mozzarella cheese.


7. Antico Pizza Napoletana, Atlanta

Be sure to try: The San Gennaro, with salsiccia sausage, sweet red peppers, bufala mozzarella, and cipolline onions.


8. Bill’s Pizza, Palm Springs, Calif.

Be sure to try: Bill’s Favorite with pesto and red sauce), pepperoni, salami, sicilian sausage, onion, and tomato.


9. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, New Haven, Conn.

Be sure to try: The white clam pizza, a signature dish here that includes fresh clams, grated cheese, garlic, olive oil, and oregano.


10. John’s Pizzeria-Bleeker St., New York

Be sure to try: The Margherita, an old-school thin-crust favorite made in a coal oven.


Yup, there were no Chicago pizzerias in the top 10, but if you’re wondering about the top-rated pizza joint there, it’s Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder in Lincoln Park.

Chicago fares better in the top-reviewed pizza cities, where it takes first prize. Here are the top 10 cities, with top-rated choices for each:


1. Chicago

Where to go: Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria-River North, Giordano’s


2. New York

Where to go: Juliana’s Pizza, Keste, John’s Pizzeria-Bleeker St.  


3. New Haven, Conn.

Where to go: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, Modern Apizza, Bru Rm At BAR


4. Orlando

Where to go: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Via Napoli, Red Oven Pizza Bakery


5. San Francisco

Where to go: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, Il Casaro Pizzeria and Mozzarella Bar, Za Pizza


6. Washington, D.C.

Where to go: We the Pizza, Matchbox Pizza, Pizzeria Paradiso


7. Las Vegas

Where to go: Project Pie, Pizza Rock, Secret Pizza


8. San Diego

Where to go: Basic, Buona Forchetta, Pizza Port Ocean Beach


9. Phoenix, Ariz.

Where to go: Pizzeria Bianco, Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana – Phoenix, The Parlor Pizzeria


10. Miami Beach

Where to go: Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza, Giotto Maestro della Pizza, Blocks Pizza Deli