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6 technologies to make your travels easier

People love to travel, but it's not always the easiest thing to do. Luckily, there's a lot of technology — from cutting edge apps to old favourites (we love you GPS) – to make every phase of your trip better.

These are, in our opinion, the best technologies to ensure your holiday is a smooth-sailing, stress-free adventure.


Navigation apps

There's a remarkable number of navigation apps out there, and they are are truly the light of our traveling lives. How we ever managed to travel without them is anyone's guess. Apps such as CoPilot GPS and BackCountry Navigator help you find the quickest route from A to B by using real-time social updates. All we had before handy map apps were obnoxious, unwieldy tourist maps. Not particularly practical.



TripAdvisor is like your holiday personal assistant. The reviewing site written by travelers for travelers features a range of reviews, from those in the vein of "Clean, convenient and friendly," to more cutthroat appraisals that warn, "Don't stay here, EVER!" You know you're always going to get an honest assessment of a hotel or restaurant with TripAdvisor.


SMS Translator

Language barriers can be quite difficult to break through. They're comical at times, sure, but they're mainly just a point of frustration. Enter the SMS Translator. This handy app translates text messages into a different language. Just type your message, add your contact's phone number, tap to translate and hit send. You can also translate replies into English. This can be super useful when learning about local culture.



No need to carry any USBs or paper documents around on your holiday. The Shareit app is all you need to store your important files.The magic app also allows you to send documents, pictures, videos, etc. to your friends and colleagues at lightning-fast speed when travelling, no matter what device they use. And like all the best apps out there, it's free.



TravelMath isn't just for adding up the cost of your breakfast bagel and casual beers at lunch. This online trip calculator can measure things like travel distance and travel time. You can use the travel cost tools, browse info on flights (including the distance and flight time), or use the section dedicated to driving to compare the distance by car.


YOGA Tab 3 Pro

The YOGA Tab 3 Pro is Lenovo's latest tablet, and it's a serious goer for the tech-savvy traveller. It has a massive battery life, which allows the tablet to run for an incredible 18 hours. Meaning you have heaps of time to watch all your favourite travel films on the built-in projector or surf the web on its 10-inch screen.


'Appy travels!