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This is what hotel and restaurant operators think about TripAdvisor! 


"For thirteen years TripAdvisor and the Serenity Gardens Bed and Breakfast website have been the only forms of advertising for the B&B. At first, I didn't obtain a paid business subscription but now I realize the benefits of having the business website, address and phone number, and photos available to future clients. It only takes one client a month to pay for my business listing with TripAdvisor and the reviews from guests have brought me over ninety percent of my clients." -- Jacqueline Hall, Serenity Gardens Bed and Breakfast


"TripAdvisor is simply an indispensable marketing tool. It has grown and changed over the years. Running a small family-owned B+B in a remote location, I believe TripAdvisor does a fantastic job reaching a vast audience. The TripAdvisor audience has also become more discerning over the years, as there are now more choices of places to stay than ever before. 37 years in business, we all know marketing has changed enormously too over the years, and is also becoming more and more competitive. As both a B+B listed business owner and as a personal research tool, I know TripAdvisor provides valuable insight for any traveler in the world. TripAdvisor takes small business owners seriously and is responsive to their community and the questions that any online reviewing system addresses. TripAdvisor has made leaps in becoming a valuable aid for any business owner in the hospitality industry." -- Andrea, Sea Breeze Inn


"Being a small, family-owned and run motel in an area of luxury resorts, getting recognition is very difficult and can be quite expensive.  We knew we had a quality product to offer but just having a good web site doesn't drive traffic unless you have an audience looking for what you offer.  We chose TripAdvisor for it's targeted worldwide exposure and its weighted rankings which enables a small business to compete against much larger, better funded chain hotels and resorts.  As our reputation has grown so has our repeat business which is the cornerstone of any small, local company.  TripAdvisor was the best decision we ever made for our advertising dollar." -- William Evans, Barefoot Mailman Motel LLC


"Our guests love TripAdvisor. Many of our guests tell us that they look for TripAdvisor to point them in the right direction based on guest reviews. I feel the better our customer service and the cleaner our rooms our guests will review our hotel and the better for us and they will post about their stay. Other guests read the reviews and it continues to be positive. We are not perfect and when we make a mistake or a guest is just not happy, I respond to those comments just as much as the positive comments, my belief is the world is looking to see how I respond and if my answers are truly from the heart. They are, I like to comment on each specific the guests speak of. I am proud to be part of TripAdvisor. We will soon have our updated photos to share with you guys."  -- Wendy Dozier, Hampton Inn - Warner Robins, GA


"TripAdvisor has been a big contributor to our success. Over 90% of our visitors openly tell us that the reason that they felt comfortable about selecting our B&B was because of the reviews that we get on TripAdvisor. It's hard to believe that when we first started back in 2009 that we would be getting exposure globally not just regionally. It's safe to say that close to 100% of our international travelers passing through say that it was because of what they read in our reviews. In this little community of Winterset, Iowa (population 5,000) our occupancy has more than doubled by 2017! Because of the fact that we are located just two blocks from the John Wayne Museum, and the home of the Bridges of Madison County creates lots of interest in visiting our town. The fact that we have been enhanced with our link to TripAdvisor helps to attract more potential guests that are passing through Madison County. Thank you for all your help!" -- Steve Fauser, Heavenly Habitat Bed & Breakfast


"Since we opened in 2014, in a small town in the Adirondacks, one of the most consistent sources of guest finding us has been through TripAdvisor. "I read your reviews on TripAdvisor" has let us know that the feedback from our previous guests helps to assure those looking to stay with us, that they can rely on having an exceptional experience based on peer feedback. You have given us the tools and technology to build a small business into an integral part of both our local community and individual guest experience and we thank you for it!" -- John Fear, The Adirondack Inn


"In June 2015 I purchased the Granville Queen Inn in Edenton, NC. I was so busy running the inn that I had paid much attention to the marketing aspect of the business, but things soon changed, my guest started posting comments on my Inn on TripAdvisor, I hardly knew what TripAdvisor was until a couple weeks later I went onto the TripAdvisor site and realized that I was the #1 one rated inn in my town. I have since partnered with TripAdvisor and great things have happened, Currently, I am the number one rated inn on the North Carolina Coast, thanks to TripAdvisor for getting the word out and also my customers. I am TripAdvisor's biggest fan. Because of TripAdvisor, customers benefit from a higher quality of service. Thank you TripAdvisor." -- Robert Beasley, Granville Queen Inn


"TripAdvisor has provided a platform for our guests to share with the world our outstanding service and provide a place for my staff to feel recognized when they can read our guests feedback.TripAdvisor has also provided opportunities for us to improve our business based on constructive feedback and trends that have come from our customers reviews. Training opportunities, ideas to create memorable experiences for our guests and more have come out of our TripAdvisor experience. Thank you TripAdvisor for helping us provide the most memorable experiences for our travelers." -- Lea MacLaren, Wingate by Wyndham Sylvania/Toledo


"TripAdvisor is a very trusted source for guests to choose a hotel so when we see our ranking on the website, we have to understand that we need to keep improving our hospitality if we want to boost our business. TripAdvisor also helps in engaging with the guests. We used the customized email setting which can be used to send to the guest after his stay to rate us for the stay and it really helped us. Also, the competitors in the area are easy to identify and it is good to know how they are tacking customer reviews and complaints. Overall, TripAdvisor is like our favorite guest who always works with us with whatever amenities we have :) 5 stars for you guys :)" -- Aj Parikh, Days Inn Alexandria South


"TripAdvisor reviews have driven an incredible amount of guests our way. We are nearing 500 reviews (we are a boutique hotel, only 5 years old) and are amazed at the things people have to say about us. It is definitely our number one marketing tool." -- Kori Rowell Burwell, Twisp River Suites



"We signed up for TripAdvisor in May of 2014 only after a customer shared they were going to review us on TripAdvisor. Crazy I'd never heard of it. By July of 2014 we hit the #1 spot of about 500+ places of "All Places to Eat in Wilmington". Never expected it. We always ask how folks heard about us since we don't pay for advertising. I would say a good 85% of folks that come through our door say TripAdvisor. People come in asking why is a cupcake shop the #1 place to eat of now 575 places. Come July 2017 it will be three years we've held that. It is important to have something people really like and have great customer service. People will definitely toot your horn if you have something make the most of your product/service and it will reward you!" -- Lisa Parker, The Peppered Cupcake


"TripAdvisor has allowed us to cement ourselves as the top restaurant in the area. Through the review process we have also been able to better interact with our customers. This helps us to know what we are doing right and what we may need to improve on. Overall TripAdvisor has been a very valuable tool." -- Armando Robles, La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant and Lounge


"We love knowing that our guests are going away pleased, and we are grateful for the feedback. We love hearing how we can improve, especially from reviewers who were less than pleased. It all gives us valuable information on how we can improve. This information has made us better and better!" -- Jon & Jennifer Bollin, The Vineyard Cafe Sonoita


"The vast majority of our patrons have located us on TripAdvisor and use it for most of their travel needs. Keep up the good work and your TV Commercials. Now even more will use your service as well as locate us." -- Tina Lettner, La Pastorella Bistro and B&B


"I cannot tell you how many people come in to eat and when we ask them how they found us the majority (especially travelers) say "TripAdvisor". Our restaurant is not "on the beaten path" so to speak. We are three miles off the interstate and yet they come and eat because of YOUR website. I truly appreciate the business that we have been sent from TripAdvisor. It has helped our business grow and prosper. Thank you for being there!" -- Peggy Burke, Burke's Grill


"TripAdvisor has helped Maui Brick Oven tremendously. On our comment cards customers tell us that they found us on TripAdvisor. We have framed and mounted the Certificate of Excellence certificates that we have received the last four years. We also have the COE flag out front of our restaurant. These catch attention of our patrons. We are very thankful for the leads that TripAdvisor provides." -- Leanne Covington, Maui Brick Oven


"TripAdvisor helps my business a lot especially from out of town guests, they always say we saw your reviews on TripAdvisor that's why we decided to come and try it." -- Melad Stephan, Sabor Latin Bar and Grill


"Operating in a small tourist town, where the seasonal business makes or breaks you, our TripAdvisor listing has brought us much more business than we could have expected otherwise. Travelers and tourists not familiar with the area constantly stop by and tell us that they found us on TripAdvisor and after hearing about us there- "They just had to give us a try!"  So nice for us to have this resource with just a simple free listing!" -- Andrew Kosack (Duke), Duke's Dogs, Inc.


"TripAdvisor has really helped our business by monitoring review issues, and by helping me set up my page to reflect what is offered at LA FERME. It allows us to put out a "red flag" to anything suspicious, which they investigate, and allows the business the ability to respond to reviews to give future guests a fair, "both sides of the story" perspective. We support TripAdvisor, ourselves and feel that TripAdvisor is the most accurate, consistent, and reliable database for traveling." -- Tanya Jensen, LA FERME


"The customers review like a driving force to push our place running more seriously like keep all of our quality of food and service into a higher and higher level. Since we joined TripAdvisor, my business keeps going great. I'm really addicted to checking my restaurant reviews every day and reminds myself to do all our best to keep up my restaurant at the top." -- Kam Fok, Kam Wah 28