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Caribbean Calling: TripAdvisor Reveals Deals in Destinations Open for Business
April is Most Affordable Month for a Caribbean Trip; Martinique Offers Least Expensive Accommodations
TripAdvisor Highlights Five Islands Under $2000 for a Weeklong Visit

NEEDHAM, Mass., Feb. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --TripAdvisor®, the travel planning and booking site, today announced its Caribbean travel pricing report, revealing hotel rates and round-trip airfare to popular Caribbean destinations from February – April 2018. The iconic beach vacation region was impacted by devastating hurricanes this past fall, but the majority of the islands are now welcoming tourism where travelers can find low hotel prices and airfare.


Based on average accommodation rates and select airfare from this three-month period, TripAdvisor pricing revealed five islands where U.S. travelers can experience a weeklong trip for less than $2000 per person: Curacao, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Puerto Rico. These Caribbean destinations have hotel deals under $250 per night. Travelers can also save up to 33% on accommodations when planning an island trip during the least expensive week now through the end of April, according to TripAdvisor pricing.

"As much of the Caribbean was unaffected by the fall storms, travelers will find most destinations are open for business now and are ready to welcome travelers for their peak travel season," said Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor. "To help travelers find great prices for an island getaway, the TripAdvisor report shows you can find value in a number of exceptional Caribbean destinations over the next few months." 

Caribbean Travel Prices (February – April 2018)



Avg.  Nightly Hotel Rate*

Least Expensive Week for Hotels with Savings

Low Round-Trip Airfare*

Estimated Cost for Weeklong Trip*






April 23-30

(12% savings)

JFK $323

ATL $514

LAX $596

SFO $643

DFW $802


Dominican Republic





April 30-May 7

(14% savings) 

ATL $218

DFW $278

ORD $319

JFK $362

LAX $396

SFO $526







April 30-May 7

(16% savings)

JFK $433

ATL $533

LAX $756

SFO $921

DFW $1382







April 30-May 7

(14% savings)

ATL $622

JFK $941

SFO $974

LAX $980

ORD $992

DFW $1094


Puerto Rico 





April 30-May 7

(11% savings) 

ATL 208

JFK 237

DFW 254

LAX 330

ORD 347

SFO 376







April 23-30

(10% savings)

SFO $680

LAX $706

DFW $728

ATL $940







April 30-May 7

(20% savings)

JFK $368

SFO $443

LAX $629

ORD $631

ATL $676

DFW $888







April 30-May 7

(10% savings)  

ATL $297

JFK $381

DFW $382

LAX $394

ORD $405

SFO $466







March 1-8

(14% savings)

JFK $264

ATL $331

LAX $409

ORD $443

SFO $464

DFW $821


St. Vincent and the Grenadines





April 9-16

(13% savings)

JFK $630

ATL $736

SFO $935

LAX $1018

ORD $1175

DFW $1318







April 30-May 7

(33% savings)  

JFK $260

ATL $332

LAX $347

ORD $387

SFO $520

DFW $705







April 30-May 7

(26% savings)  

ATL $309

DFW $368

JFK $387

LAX $468

SFO $487

ORD $537


St. Lucia




April 30-May 7

(16% savings)

JFK $453

ORD $646

ATL $709







April 30-May 7

(21% savings)

JFK $283

SFO $398

LAX $456

ATL $500

DFW $798

ORD $800


St. Kitts and Nevis





April 30-May 7

(23% savings)

JFK $610

ATL $653

LAX $678

SFO $720

DFW $814

ORD $893


Cayman Islands





April 30-May 7

(31% savings)

SFO $437

DFW $440

ORD $495

LAX $498

JFK $526

ATL $543


Turks and Caicos


April 30-May 7

(22% savings)

ATL $271

JFK $285

LAX $374

SFO $450

ORD $467

DFW $714


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Average nightly accommodation rates based on hotel and all-inclusive resort prices available on TripAdvisor from February 1April 30, 2018.

Least expensive week for accommodations with savings based on the lowest hotel and all-inclusive resort prices available on TripAdvisor in a week from February 1April 30, 2018. Percent savings based on difference between the least expensive week nightly rate and the three month average.

Lowest flight prices found based on a TripAdvisor search of hundreds of sites on 2/1/18 for round-trip fares through 4/30/18 from U.S. airport hubs (JFK, LAX, DFW, ORD, ATL, SFO) to the closest major airport to featured Caribbean Islands.

Estimated cost for weeklong trip based on average nightly accommodation rate for seven nights and one round-trip flight.

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