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TripAdvisor Reaches Half a Billion Reviews and Opinions and Counting
Rapid Growth in User-Generated Content Empowers Users with Insights to Make Informed Travel Choices with a High Level of Confidence that They Will Have a Positive Experience

TripAdvisor®, today announced that it has crossed the 500 million reviews and opinions milestone. The popular travel planning and booking site and app now receives 290 pieces of content every minute of every day. The phenomenal growth in user-generated content has been fuelled by travellers’ desire to “pay it forward” with real-time insights and advice for millions of other global users so they can make great decisions at every step of their travel planning process.

Most Reviewed Hotel, Restaurant and Attraction on TripAdvisor


  • Most reviewed tourist attraction in Taiwan: Taipei 101 has more than 8,000 traveller reviews
  • Most reviewed hotel in Taiwan: Cosmos Hotel Taipei has more than 2,000 traveller reviews
  • Most reviewed restaurant in Taiwan: Din Tai Fung (Xinyi) in Taipei has more than 3,000 traveller reviews


  • Most reviewed tourist attraction in the world: The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain has more than 107,000 traveller reviews
  • Most reviewed hotel in the world: The Luxor Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada has more than 28,000 traveller reviews
  • Most reviewed restaurant in the world: Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon, Portugal has more than 25,000 traveller reviews

“Since launching 17 years ago, TripAdvisor has revolutionized the travel industry by creating an environment where travelers can share honest opinions of their first-hand experiences with the world,” said Janice Lee Fang, TripAdvisor’s Communications Director for Asia Pacific. “The millions of reviews on TripAdvisor can help empower Taiwanese travelers with insights to make decisions that are more informed and they can feel more confident that they will have a great time on their holiday, regardless of their budget or preference.”

In 2016, TripAdvisor saw a 22 percent increase in search interest from travellers in Taiwan looking for their next holiday destination on TripAdvisor.

Content Users Can Rely On 

The integrity of reviews and opinions remains high at TripAdvisor, where the company uses cutting-edge technology and investigation methods to ensure consumers continue to find reviews as accurate and helpful in determining the quality of their total trip experience.

Over the last several years, multiple studies continue to reflect that the overwhelming majority of travellers find TripAdvisor’s hotel and restaurant reviews accurate of the actual experience.

For an in-depth look at TripAdvisor’s methods, watch this recently released film that illustrates how the company succeeds at ensuring the quality of our content:

Top Tips to Make Your Review Helpful to Other Travellers

  1. Cover the five Ws: The review already says where you are. Remember to add who you were with, what you did, ate and experienced, when you were there and why you would recommend someone should or should not go.
  2. Highlight relevant facts: Whether you review a hotel, restaurant or attraction, people want an overview: How was the service? Is it centrally located or near major sights? What’s the ambiance like or condition it’s in?
  3. Add a helpful tip: What do others need to know to have a better experience? Is there a specific room, special amenity or something off the menu you would recommend? Are there off peak times you would recommend them going or how to avoid queueing for a long time?
  4. Photos go a long way: Bring your review to life with photos. Photos help travellers understand the experience, whether it is of a hotel room, an incredible view or of an amazing dish. Photos of dishes also help other users decide on what they might want to try!
  5. Review as soon as you can: One-third of people surveyed by TripAdvisor say they’d rather read about a recent experience