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Hey Big Spender: Australians planning the biggest travel budget for 2016, according to TripAdvisor study
TripBarometer study unveils top travel trends for 2016 according to more than 45,000 traveller and hotelier respondents worldwide: 69% of travellers worldwide plan to try something new in 2016 88% of Australian travellers are influenced by online reviews on TripAdvisor when booking a holiday

TripAdvisor® today announced the results of the latest TripBarometer1 study, the world’s largest accommodation and traveller survey, highlighting key travel trends for 2016. Conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor by independent research firm Ipsos, the TripBarometer study is the analysis of more than 45,000 survey responses from travellers and the hotel sector worldwide. The TripBarometer ‘2016 Travel Trends’ report presents a snapshot of the travel landscape for 2016, revealing country-level, regional and global travel trends.

Key Findings Include:

One in three global travellers plan to increase their travel budgets in 2016, with 49% saying they’ll spend more because they feel as though they and their family deserve it. 49% of Australian travellers will be spending more because they are planning a longer trip, with 42% citing that their reason for spending more is because they have been saving up for their next trip.

Australians lead the pack with the biggest travel budget of AUD15,000, whilst the global average sits at just over AUD7,000

69% of travellers plan to try something new in 2016 – millennials even more adventurous with 82% saying they will try something new next year

69% of travellers will also look elsewhere if a hotel does not have air-conditioning, making it the number one deal-breaker for booking decisions - ahead of the property’s Wi-Fi offering.

“This year’s TripBarometer reveals some of the key trends that will shape the travel landscape in 2016, from travellers’ sources of inspiration when choosing which destinations to visit, to the amenities and services they consider to be deal-breakers in their accommodation booking decisions,” said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer, TripAdvisor.

Sense of merit and perceived health benefits drive increase in travel budgets for 2016

One in three travellers globally plan to spend more on their trips in 2016, with Australians planning the largest budget of the 32 countries surveyed. The number one reason travellers will increase their travel budgets next year is because they feel that they and their family deserve it. One in three will spend more because they believe travel is important for their health and wellbeing. Australians will spend the most in 2016, with an average travel budget of AUD15,000 - over double the global average of AUD7,000. Switzerland (AUD13,900), US (AUD11,600) and UK (AUD11,300) also plan to spend well above the average.

2016: the year of the cruise and solo travel

Globally, 69% of travellers plan to try something new in 2016. Solo travel is emerging as a trend with 17% of global travellers planning to travel on their own for the first time next year, and one in five plan to try a cruise for the first time. Looking at the global travel trends by generations, millennials are the most willing to step out of their comfort zone. 82% of millennials plan to try something new in 2016, with adventure travel topping the list (28%) and one in four opting to travel solo for the first time.

Special offers determine the choice of destination for over half of global travellers

TV tourism is on the rise; one in five global travellers have visited a destination because they’ve seen it in a TV show. Documentaries and films are also important prompts for visiting specific destinations, influencing 16% and 12% percent of global travellers respectively.

Two of the most popular reasons Australian’s have chosen a particular destination are; heritage (17%) & family (21%) and travelling for an event such as music (15%) or sports (18%). It also seems that Aussie travellers prefer to make use of the great weather at home with only 5% travelling abroad for a tan.

Globally, travellers want to stay cool and connected

When it comes to amenities, whether or not a hotel has air conditioning is a deal-breaker for potential guests across the globe. 69% of travellers want their accommodation to have air conditioning, and it needs to be included in the price; if not, they will look elsewhere. Similarly, almost half of all travellers globally (46%) will not consider a hotel that doesn't have free Wi-Fi, although one in 10 (11%) say they would be willing to pay extra for super-fast Wi-Fi. 

One in four global travellers (26%) won’t book a hotel that doesn’t have a swimming pool, and well over a third of Australian travellers (41%) will look elsewhere if the accommodation they’re considering doesn’t have a kettle.

Smartphone more of a travel essential than toiletries

Three quarters of all global travellers (75%) won’t leave home without their smartphone – it supersedes toiletries (69%) as the number one most essential item to take on a trip. However Australian’s buck the global trend, with only 68% classifying their smartphone as a travel essential.

Almost a third of travellers (30%) pack an extra suitcase when they travel so they can bring back items they buy on their trip. The humble book is still more popular than the e-book when it comes to items travellers consider essential for a trip, with a third of travellers packing a book, compared to just 18% taking an e-reader.