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London Most Reviewed City In The World
TripAdvisor recognises community heroes of 2014

London has been revealed as the most reviewed city in the world this year, on the day TripAdvisor publishes its end-of-year summary of review activity on the site – based on the reviews and opinions submitted on TripAdvisor from its community of millions of travellers worldwide. As well as revealing the most reviewed destinations and businesses of 2014, TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, has also named the most prolific individual contributors in the UK this year.

As well as being the most reviewed city in the world, London is also home to the UK’s most reviewed restaurant of 2014 – the Aqua Shard restaurant at the top of the Shard building – which has attracted more than 1,339 reviews this year alone.

The Director of, Julie Chappell, said, “London continues to welcome many millions of visitors each year who come to experience the capital’s unparalleled blend of rich history and heritage, culture, and world famous attractions. London has experienced a post-Olympic 2012 tourism boost and in 2013, the city welcomed a record 16.8 million international visitors. It is fantastic news that visitors to our city are so engaged in sharing their experiences on TripAdvisor during their time here, that we have retained our position as the most reviewed city in the world.”

TripAdvisor now features more than 200 million reviews and opinions from its global travel community, covering more than 4.4 million businesses and properties in 145,000 destinations.

Top contributing UK members in 2014:


UK Member

Most content contributed: 7,644

Lesley Cawthorne (LellyCaw1), Norwich

Most forum contributions: 7,613

Lesley Cawthorne (LellyCaw1), Norwich

Most photos contributed: 1,587

Steve Jackson (SteveJacksonnufc), Gateshead

Most reviews contributed overall: 607

unclegus, Edinburgh

Most accommodation reviews contributed: 87

Grant Winborn (Grant_UK), Hove

Most restaurant reviews contributed:208

unclegus, Edinburgh

Most attraction reviews contributed:392

unclegus, Edinburgh

Most international reviews contributed: 387


Steve Jackson from Gateshead began using TripAdvisor in 2008 and this year he has been named the UK’s top contributor of photos having submitted 1,587 in 2014. “Before I started using TripAdvisor I thought I was well informed and well travelled but I now know that there are so many amazing places out there that I had never even heard of. It’s thanks to the TripAdvisor community that I have been able to discover those places, which is why I like to share real photos of everywhere I go as a way to give something back to those who’ve helped me.”

Most Reviewed Cities in 2014 Worldwide:



1.   London (565,742)

1.   London (565,742)

2.   Rome (438,118)

2.   Edinburgh (112,855)

3.   Paris  (414,700)

3.   Manchester (62,580)

4.   New York City (375,905)

4.   Glasgow (59,652)

5.   Barcelona (256,962)

5.   Liverpool (51,150)

6.   Las Vegas ( 244,331)

6.   York (43,432)

7.   Orlando (213,340)

7.   Birmingham (42,490)

8.   Milan (179,303)

8.   Blackpool (39,183)

9.   Florence (153,235)

9.   Bristol (33,293)

10. Rio de Janeiro (148,543)

10. Brighton (32,913)

Top Contributing Countries in 2014:



Most content contributed overall

1.    U.S.

2.    U.K.

3.    Italy

Most photos submitted per member on average

1.    Japan (13.6)

2.    Russia (11.8)

3.    Uruguay (11.4)

Highest average number of words per review

1.    Singapore (123)

2.    Philippines (117)

3.    Canada (116)

Highest percentage of reviews written about travel outside home country

1.    Singapore (85%)

2.    Luxembourg (84%)

3.    Finland (83%)

Most reviewed UK businesses by UK members in 2014:



Most reviewed attraction in the UK by UK members

The London Eye, London (5,944)

Most reviewed restaurant in the UK by UK members

Aqua Shard, London (1,339)

“Our global travel community adds 115 contributions to the site every minute, helping to make TripAdvisor the world’s best place to plan a trip,” said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor. “We thank our most active members, as well as each of our contributors. Their candid feedback is the lifeblood of TripAdvisor and helps others find the information and advice they need before they travel or visit a business.”