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Summer Holidays Are Back For 2010, But British Travellers Still Cautious On Spending

LONDON, U.K. – 4 June, 2010 – TripAdvisor®, the world’s most popular and largest travel community, today announced the results of its Summer Travel Survey.  TripAdvisor asked over 2,700 European travellers a range of questions about their summer travel plans, including what they’ll be spending and whether they can truly switch off from work.

“It’s been a tough two years for the travel industry but it seems we have turned a cautious corner,” comments Emma O’Boyle, spokesperson for TripAdvisor, “Our research reveals that three quarters of Brits plan to take a summer holiday this year and a significant number of those are planning to spend over £1,000 per person on their trip.”

Cautious Confidence Returns to British Holiday Plans

The TripAdvisor Summer Travel Survey reveals a mixed reaction when it comes to consumer holiday spending. With the survey carried out one week after the general election, travellers are perhaps apprehensive about the potential increase in VAT and the instability of a hung parliament. The figures demonstrate that despite increased consumer spending confidence, we’re not out of the woods yet:

·         Three quarters (76%) of Brits are taking a summer holiday this year. Only 11% are not, with 11% still undecided

·         A fifth (22%) of Brits are planning to spend between £200-£500 per person on their summer holiday this year (excluding spending money), with almost as many (19%) spending between £500-£800

·         Over a third (37%) plan to spend over £1,000 per person and an extravagant 6% will be spending over £3,000 per person

·         A fifth (20%) claim they will be spending more on their summer holiday than last year but 22% will be spending less

·         15% claim that concern over the volcanic ash has influenced their summer holiday plans

Married To Your Boss On Holiday?

Despite working some of the longest hours in Europe, the majority of Brits seem to have finally learned how to switch off holiday:

·         Almost two thirds (62%) of Brits claim never to check their emails when on holiday

·         Over a quarter simply cannot switch off - 28% are compelled to check work emails at least a couple of times a day, and one in ten admit to needing a daily email  ‘fix’ on holiday

·         We are not always honest about it though – a deceptive 5% of Brits admit they have lied to their partners about checking work emails on holiday

·         The French are worse - 87% of travellers admit to checking their work emails on holiday

Socks and Sandals

It seems Brits still haven’t shaken off the socks and sandals image and have been voted the worst-dressed on holiday, followed by German and American travellers:

·         Italians are voted the best-dressed on holiday, followed by the French and Spanish

·         A third (36%) of Brits admit they are more adventurous with their clothing on holiday

Lazy Languages

Despite the stereotype of Brits only speaking English abroad, the TripAdvisor survey reveals that:

·         Nine out of ten (93%) do make at least some effort to speak the local language when abroad, even if it’s just learning basic please and thank you phrases

·         Almost a third (31%) buy a phrase book and practice in advance

·         French travellers are far worse - a fifth (20%) of French travellers admit to not making any effort to speak the local language at all when they go on holiday

 “Despite airline strikes, an uncertain economy and an erupting volcano it’s reassuring to see British travellers recognising the importance of a summer holiday again. Whether it’s a weekend in Skegness or a fortnight in the Seychelles it’s clear that Brits are back on the move – albeit in bad clothes,” concluded Emma O’Boyle.


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Notes to editors

2,717 travellers – including 732 Britons – took part in the TripAdvisor survey (May 2010)