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TripAdvisor Survey Reveals Growth Spurt in Family Travel
92 Percent of U.S. Travelers Taking Family Trips in the Coming Year, Up 4 Percent from Last Year Today's Generation of Children More Worldly Travelers than Their Parents

TripAdvisor®, the world's most popular and largest travel community, today announced the results of its annual family travel survey. Ninety-two percent of travelers with children plan to take at least one family vacation this year, up from 88 percent who did so last year, according to more than 1,100 U.S. travelers surveyed. 2010 may also see a trend for traveling further abroad, with 33 percent planning to take both domestic and international family trips, up five percent from last year.

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  Generation Jet-Set

The youth of today are better-traveled than ever, according to TripAdvisor's survey.

  --  75 percent of travelers' children (those under the age of 18) have
      visited more than six U.S. states - only 37 percent of these
      children's parents had traveled as extensively by the same age.
  --  73 percent of travelers' young children have experienced international
      travel, compared to 44 percent of their parents by the same age.
  --  Travel is very important to a child's education, according to 52
      percent of travelers with children, while 35 percent believe it is
      somewhat important.

  Family Finances
  --  28 percent of travelers with children expect to spend more on family
      trips in the coming 12 months than they did in the past 12 months,
      while 47 percent expect to spend roughly the same amount.
  --  30 percent anticipate spending $1,000 - $3,000.
  --  22 percent predict they will spend $3,000 - $5,000.
  --  19 percent foresee spending $5,000 - $8,000.
  --  10 percent of families expect to spend more than $10,000.

  Popular Pursuits
  --  The most enjoyable aspect of family vacations is spending quality time
      together, according to 48 percent of parents.
  --  The five most popular activities that families plan to indulge in
      together this year are:
      1. Relaxing at the beach - 69 percent
      2. Visiting a historic site - 62 percent
      3. Visiting a museum - 50 percent
      4. Visiting a national park - 46 percent
      5. Visiting an amusement / theme park - 41 percent

  Travel Tribulations
  --  When it comes to traveling with children, airplanes are the most
      stressful mode of transport, according to 44 percent of parents.
  --  16 percent maintain that car journeys are the most difficult to
  --  11 percent have tackled the challenges by giving their child an
      antihistamine before a journey, in order to help them sleep.
  --  31 percent of parents don't find traveling with children nerve-racking
      at all.

  Plane Stressful
  --  56 percent of travelers maintain that in the event of a tantrum before
      take-off, the parents should be given an amount of time to settle
      their child, after which the family should be removed.
  --  6 percent believe the family should leave the plane immediately, while
      38 percent believe they should be allowed to fly as planned.

  In-Journey Entertainment

When it comes to avoiding the dreaded cries of, "Are we there yet?," technology beats more traditional pastimes hands-down.

  --  45 percent of parents turn to a TV or DVD player to entertain their
  --  23 percent encourage their children to read books.
  --  10 percent rely on the appeal of new toys.
  --  Classic travel games hold a place in travelers' hearts, too. 'The
      License Plate Game' is the top choice for 32 percent, followed by 'I
      Spy', the preferred game for 19 percent, and memory games, favored by
      11 percent.

  Child-Free Vacation Zones

Many travelers would happily pay a premium to enjoy some child-free space on vacation.

  --  33 percent would shell out for a seat in a child-free section of an
  --  32 percent would foot the bill for a table in an adults-only section
      of a restaurant.
  --  26 percent would pay up for a lounger in a 'no kids' section of a
  --  21 percent would fork out for a room in a tyke-free section of a
  --  21 percent would splurge on a spot on a child-free section of beach.
  --  9 percent would pay up for a visit to a child-free museum.

  Family-Friendly Brands

According to travelers with children, the most family-friendly hotel brand is Embassy Suites.

The Family-Travel Survival Guide: Expert Tips from

Lesley Carlin, Travel and Etiquette Expert for, shares tried-and-tested tips on traveling with children:

  1. When planning your travel schedule, use common sense. If your baby
     usually fusses for two hours after dinner, don't fly then. If you
     expect your kids will have trouble sleeping on a flight, find an empty
     gate before boarding and have them run laps.
  2. Stop at a grocery store on the way from the airport to your hotel, in
     order to avoid packing a week's worth of diapers, wipes and more. Just
     bring what you'll need on the plane.
  3. A hotel suite with a kitchenette might cost more than a regular room,
     but preparing most of your meals there instead of eating out could save
     money in the long run. A vacation rental can also be a great deal.
  4. While taking public transportation might be less convenient than
     renting a car, it can save you a lot of money - not to mention the
     hassle of dealing with car-seats.
  5. If you can, build in an extra "recovery" day before you have to return
     to work or school. At the very least, try not to fly home late at night
     if everyone needs to be up early the next day. It might mean no beach
     time on your last day, but it's worth it.

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