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TripAdvisor Survey Reveals 65% of Those Who Have Never Been "Glamping" Would Rather Glamp than Camp Nearly 30% of Travelers Surveyed Have Aborted a Camping Trip to Check into a Hotel

TripAdvisor , the world's most popular and largest travel community, today announced the results of its camping and "glamping" survey of more than 2,000 U.S. travelers. Eighty-eight percent of travelers surveyed have been camping, while 15 percent have been "glamorous camping" and only 13 percent claim to be familiar with the term glamping.

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In TripAdvisor forums, people are talking about glamping in the Rincon, Puerto Rico forum, the Yosemite National Park forum, and the Patagonia, Chile forum. Couples seem to be most attracted to glamping, as 41 percent of reviewers of properties on TripAdvisor that mention glamping visited as part of a couple, while 17 percent visited with their family. Of travelers surveyed, 44 percent say camping is best for family vacations. Looks like couples are happier to have amenities that camping doesn't always afford. . .like, say, a bed.

The Great Indoors

Of those who have never been glamping, 65 percent - more than 1,100 travelers - said they were more attracted to the idea of glamping than traditional camping, once given a definition. Forty-eight percent of those said the reason was that glamping is a good compromise between camping and staying in a hotel.

Cheap Sleep

Twenty-seven percent of travelers agree that camping seems like a better option now, for economic reasons, than it did a year ago. And with good reason: a three-night stay at a truly luxurious "glampsite" could cost upwards of $5,000, while three nights on a national park campground could cost you closer to $50.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Fifteen percent of travelers have been "glamorous camping," and 78 percent of their trips included electricity, making that the most common amenity featured in their glamping excursions. Seventy-seven percent of their trips included running water, while 74 percent featured a comfy bed. A luxurious tent or other structure was also common, with 73 percent, while 45 percent of the trips included gourmet food. Not exactly roughing it.

Home Sweet Home

Of six common comforts of home that are generally forgone while camping, travelers miss their shower most, with 39 percent citing shower/running water as the amenities they pine for while in the wilderness. Yet travelers seem to make do without the coveted shower, as 21 percent of travelers have gone four or more days without bathing while camping. Twenty-eight percent admit to going three days without a rinse-off. A bed and a toilet were a close toss-up for the number two most-missed, at 24 and 23 percent, respectively. Ten percent admit to missing their fridge the most.

Happy Campers

When asked which of six possible items they would bring on their camping trip, the top pick was insect repellent, with 44 percent of the vote, followed by an air mattress, with 29 percent. In the number three spot? Not pre-prepared food, candy, or even bear spray: 13 percent would choose to bring alcohol above the other items.

Thanks, But No Thanks

Maybe it was the critters, the uncomfortable sleeping bag, or a lack of alcohol, but 29 percent of travelers who have been camping admit to aborting their trip partway through in order to check into a hotel instead.

Room Service, Please

When asked which they considered themselves to be, 64 percent said they were more of a "hotel-goer," while 21 percent said they thought of themselves as a "camper," and 15 percent claimed that calling themselves a "glamper" was the best description.

Smokey the Who?

Travelers don't seem too worried about fires when camping, as their primary safety concerns are bears and other wildlife (43 percent), followed by intruders or thieves (35 percent). Thirteen percent of travelers cited other safety concerns.

Getting Down to Business

Without the comforts of home, campers need to find creative ways to do basic things like showering and "relieving" themselves. Only three percent of travelers would choose to use a lake or other body of water to do their business. The preferred spot is an outhouse, with 41 percent of travelers admitting that's where they'd prefer to let loose.

Human Remains

Thirty-four percent of travelers are very concerned about their impact on the environment and wildlife while camping, while 42 percent are somewhat concerned, and 24 percent are not concerned at all.

"For those who get the willies when they think about sleeping under the stars with the bugs and the bears, but who still want to experience nature, glamping can be a great compromise," said Michele Perry, vice president of communications for TripAdvisor. "But for those who still want to 'rough it,' bug spray and a cushy air mattress can make all the difference."

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