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Grate Britain: UK Travellers Amongst World’s Most Irritating
TripAdvisor® Survey Reveals Top Travel Pests and Pesky Habits

LONDON, U.K. – 24 November, 2008 – A TripAdvisor® survey of more than 8,500 worldwide travellers has revealed the British are amongst the most annoying travellers in the world.

With American travellers topping the list (18%), followed by those from France (12%) and Germany (10%), British and Chinese travellers (=6%) complete the roll call of the five most annoying nationalities.

As for the top travel annoyances, children who kick the back of seats are the ultimate no-no for almost one third of travellers (31%).

Rude seat recliners drive one in five travellers mad (21%), whilst passengers who bellow down their mobile phones (16%), block the aisles whilst stowing their bags (12%) and hog the armrests (4%) also get our goat.

“The notion of ‘travelling for pleasure’ can be a total farce when you’re surrounded by passengers who seem intent on making their presence felt – be it with a boot in the back, or an elbow in the ribs,” said Luke Fredberg, TripAdvisor spokesperson.


Notes to editors:

8,931 worldwide travellers (including 469 British) took part in the TripAdvisor survey

Top Travel Annoyances

1. Children kicking your seat back                                               31%

2. Rude seat recliners                                                                    21%

3. Loud mobile phone conversations                                          16%

4. Passengers taking too long to stow overhead baggage      12%

5. People getting up before the seatbelt sign is off                     5%

6. Armrest hogs                                                                                   4%

7. Passengers consuming smelly food                                          4%

8. Travellers blocking moving walkways                                         3%

9. “Shoulder surfers” reading over your shoulder                          1%

10. People wandering in front of airport service carts                   1%

Top 10 Most Annoying Travellers

1. Americans                                                                                          18%

2. French                                                                                                 12%

3. Germans                                                                                             10%

4. British                                                                                                   6%

5. Chinese                                                                                               6%

6. Russians                                                                                             5%

7. Japanese                                                                                             5%

8. Italians                                                                                                  5%

9. Indians                                                                                                  2%

10. Emiratees                                                                                           1%