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Air Travellers Clamour For Comfort and Cleanliness
Singapore Airlines Knocks BA off Top Spot for Amenities and Food, Survey Reveals Healthy Eating Trend Reaching New Heights, Internet Access a Turn-off for Brits, But We’re Tops When it Comes to Shopping in the Air

London April 4, 2007 – TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel community, today announced the results of its second annual in-flight amenities survey of more than 1,400 travellers worldwide.

Comfortable seats and more legroom was again the primary wish for travellers. Premium economy class looks to be a winner for the airlines, as nearly three-quarters of all those surveyed said they would pay at least a 10 percent premium to get a more comfortable and roomy airline seat.

Clean Sweep for Singapore
British Airways which was voted top for both in-flight amenities and food last year, has lost both crowns to Singapore Airlines. BA nemesis Virgin Atlantic came in second for airline amenities in this year’s survey.

Budget airline RyanAir switched places with Southwest for worst airline amenities coming second to the US carrier. EasyJet, which was voted third worst in the amenities stakes last year, improved its position slightly by coming sixth in this year’s survey. Amongst British travellers RyanAir was worst for food and worst for amenities followed in both categories by Easy-Jet and Monarch.

Cleanliness is Next
Aside from their seats, for the second year running, travellers said a roomy and clean toilet was the most important in-flight comfort feature, according to 30 percent of respondents. Twenty-five percent of travellers consider a clean pillow/blanket their number one comfort priority on a flight.

Twenty percent of British travellers nominated noise cancelling headphones as their most valued comfort feature.

Five a Day in the Air
Healthy eating has reached an all-time high with fruit and vegetables being the complimentary snack of choice among air travellers (36 percent). If it would mean a cheaper fare, 36 percent of travellers said they would do without complimentary snacks on board.

The majority of travellers, and more than 50 percent of British respondents, identified bottled water as their favourite complimentary drink on a flight. Only five percent of travellers opted for complimentary champagne. Men are more likely (36 percent) to choose wine, champagne, beer or a cocktail than women (25 percent) as their in-flight beverage.

That’s Entertainment
Forty-two percent of travellers said a video screen at their seat is the most important in-flight entertainment feature, followed by on-demand movies (18 percent). Video screens at seats are actually more important to women (46 percent) than men (36 percent). Perhaps travellers consider in-flight time as an opportunity to disconnect—only 13 percent (five percent British) chose internet access as their choice of entertainment.

Time Travellers
When asked what would inspire them to pay for better amenities on a flight, time was of the essence, as 71 percent of travellers would pay a premium for amenities, only on flights longer than three hours.

Nap of Luxury
Beds are the most popular in-flight luxury that travellers would be willing to pay for, according to 36 percent of respondents and 50 percent of Britons.

Shop ‘Til You Descend
One-third of travellers surveyed said they purchase items from an in-flight catalogue. British travellers particularly enjoy “fly-buys