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DealAdvisor newsletter from TripAdvisor qualifies hotel deals based on price and popularity

NEEDHAM, MA - April 22, 2004 - TripAdvisor, the leading travel research site, announced today its new free email newsletter DealAdvisor to help travelers save time finding the best deals at the highest quality hotel accommodations. DealAdvisor, sent to subscribers each week, is the first of its kind to combine pricing information about hotel deals with unbiased articles and reviews from the Web to make recommendations about the best hotel "values."

Unlike other "deals newsletters" which simply include the lowest rates on all types of hotels - good, bad and otherwise, DealAdvisor only features deals from the most popular hotels in a given city based on TripAdvisor's Hotel Popularity Index. Built to reflect the "opinions of the web", TripAdvisor's Hotel Popularity Index ranks hotels in a given city based on the quantity (number of articles, reviews and opinions) and quality (whether the articles, reviews and opinions are positive or negative) of information found on the web about a hotel. With the world's largest collection of up-to-date, candid traveler reviews and articles, plus links to travel deals from multiple vendors, TripAdvisor is able to pre-qualify great deals for consumers, saving them time while giving them all of the necessary pieces of information about a hotel property to make a confident and educated purchase decision.

Great Deals, Popular Destinations

Each weekly email newsletter features several of TripAdvisor's most popular worldwide destinations and money-saving deals for top hotels as rated by other travelers, in price ranges to meet various budgets. Travel destinations for the newsletters are chosen based on seasonal popularity with users and include destination profiles designed to inspire. For example, initial issues included a mini-itinerary for April in Paris and recommended dates to catch the cherry blossom bloom in Washington, DC.

To select the deals, TripAdvisor searches the Web for the best hotel deals and filters the results against its Hotel Popularity Index. Only those accommodations with the highest TripAdvisor popularity ratings appear in DealAdvisor. Subscribers have the option to immediately check price and availability or to read hotel reviews on the recommended properties. DealAdvisor also leverages the wealth of research and deals on, inviting undecided readers to explore the site for more hotel reviews, deals, and articles regarding each destination.

"Consumers using the Web for travel research are generally interested in finding great deals," said Steve Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor. "We wanted to give consumers something different than other travel email newsletters that just blast out deals without any context on whether the hotel is a decent place to stay. We've created DealAdvisor to bring together the two most valuable pieces of information every traveler wants to know before booking a hotel - is this a good place to stay, and am I getting a great deal?"

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