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TripAdvisor Adds QuickCheck to Award Winning Hotel Research Tools
Unique service saves consumers time researching hotels on the web

NEEDHAM, MA - September 29, 2003 - TripAdvisor (, the leading travel research site, announced today its new QuickCheck service, a unique tool that saves consumers valuable time in researching hotels on the web. With QuickCheck, consumers only need to fill out their travel dates once and TripAdvisor automatically checks the leading travel commerce sites and returns the pricing from each vendor for a given hotel. Coupled with TripAdvisor's award-winning web search technology, QuickCheck makes having to visit multiple web sites to research and book a hotel on the web a thing of the past. Instead, consumers can visit one web page to see articles, reviews and opinions as well as multiple price points for a hotel.

Unlike other hotel price comparison tools, TripAdvisor gives consumers the tools to research both quality and price. With its search functionality that scours the web for relevant content (articles, reviews, opinions) plus QuickCheck, consumers have in one place all of the research they need to find just the right hotel for their needs.

For example, when researching The Benjamin Hotel in New York City on TripAdvisor (, consumers need only click on the QuickCheck button and fill out their travel dates once. TripAdvisor then automatically retrieves pricing for that hotel from multiple leading commerce vendors such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and Additionally, consumers have access on this same page to 28 unique articles, reviews and opinions about this hotel scoured from the web by TripAdvisor's search technology. With all of these resources right at their fingertips, consumers can save countless hours of research and can find all of the hotel information they need in one place.

"Consumers are frustrated with having to visit multiple sites to do their research on a hotel property and find the best deal," said Steve Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor. "We simplify the entire hotel research and booking process by putting it all in one place for consumers. Our site walks a consumer through all of the steps they need to make an intelligent, informed hotel purchase decision -- including reading unbiased articles and reviews about the properties, viewing a ranking of the most popular properties based on Web research and scanning the premier booking sites to find the best deals."