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Diners trust TripAdvisor over Yelp, Google for restaurant recommendations

TripAdvisor is asserting its position as an influencer in the restaurant scene with a new study claiming consumers prefer the platform as a dining resource over Google, Facebook and Yelp.

The Influences of Diner Decision-Making Survey, which analyzed more than 9,500 TripAdvisor users in the United States and Europe, finds that TripAdvisor content - including reviews, photos and owner engagement - is more likely to influence a diner’s restaurant choice compared to other online channels.

Of course, as TripAdvisor users, the respondents are more likely to favor the reviews platform, but the report shows that more than 78% of US respondents say they prefer using TripAdvisor over Yelp (41%), Google (28%) and Facebook (12%) to pick a restaurant while at home, while 93% say they turn to the site for recommendations while traveling.

Some 90% of US and 87% of UK respondents say TripAdvisor has inspired them to try a new establishment, and 90% of US and 85% of UK consumers say TripAdvisor rankings, reviews, ratings or awards have persuaded them to make certain selections.

TripAdvisor is also viewed as having more accurate, trustworthy, helpful and descriptive restaurant reviews and photos by 94% of those surveyed in the US compared to Yelp (45%), Google (31%) and Facebook (18%).

Mobile is where most diners are turning to conduct research, with 79% of US consumers saying they explore nearby options on their phones. More than half (60%) of US respondents also express a desire to make reservations online and order food delivery at home and while traveling.