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Top Spots Off the Beaten Path

You can forget Paris and leave London in the dust. Michele Perry of reveals readers' picks for the hottest destinations on earth. "I think travelers are getting a little bored with the places that people go to all the time. They look for ways to beat the crowds, and also to get a better deal. You can roam the countryside at the number 3 spot. It's Ayr, Scotland. It's beautiful, and an undiscovered beach town. But there are also a lot of great golf courses nearby. If you're looking for a truly traditional experience, Parga, Greece is a beautiful coastal community. It's the southwestern coast of Greece. It's a hidden gem, people don't know about it. Very authentic, a beautiful destination with gorgeous beaches. The best part, you get the most bang for your buck. The highest hotel is less than $100 a night in Parga. What about natural beauty? Turkey has amazing natural wonder, a combination of rock formations that look like petrified castles and hot springs. At certain time of the year the hot springs actually cascade along the rock structures. Now that you know these secret spots, you'll want to get there before the secret gets out.