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Pearl Harbor historic site flying high

TripAdvisor, which generates more than 50 million monthly views, ranked the Pacific Aviation Museum at No. 8 among its Aug. 4 list of must-see aviation attractions. The historic museum, which sits on the nation's only aviation battlefield, was on the list with such greats as the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., and the Wright Brothers National Memorial in North Carolina...

...TripAdvisor top picks were chosen from hundreds of attractions by traveler rankings and flight experts, said Justin Drake, a TripAdvisor spokesman.

"Competition was stiff," Drake said. "There are over 600 aerospace museums in the U.S. alone."

While the Pacific Aviation Museum, which opened four years ago, is still relatively new, it's generating high marks, Drake said.

"There is so much history there," he said. "It appeals to aviation buffs and general-interest travelers. They gave it 4 bubbles out of 5 in their reviews."