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Clark Howard

You want to avoid ending up at a dog property. I want to educate you about TripAdvisor. You might come up with fifteen or twenty all-inclusives that are generally in your price range that get great reviews on TripAdvisor, and you can use that list as a cross-reference for booking the best deal that comes up next spring….


…The next thing is that with the hotel you want to do electronic picketing, and I would skedaddle to and put your story on TripAdvisor on a review for this hotel. You ever heard of TripAdvisor?...Yes, I have…It is the most visited site in the country when people are considering booking hotels. And putting up your story, especially the fact that there was no security on the doors, the hotel response was hostile, unhelpful and accusatory, is very important stuff and it will affect people booking at that hotel, I mean, you will have some real power.