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Survey: U.S. hotel owners are optimistic

Nearly half of U.S. hotels expect to be able to charge higher rates this fall compared with last year, a survey released today has found.

TripAdvisor's twice- a-year survey found that only 16% of hoteliers believe that they will have to charge lower rates in the fall.

The U.S. ranks as the fourth most confident nation for hoteliers. The nations with the most positive outlook are Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, the USA, and India, in that order.

The countries with the most negative outlook are predominately in Europe, which is going through an economic crisis. They are: New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, and Greece.
TripAdvisor got more than 25,000 responses from hoteliers around the world, and more than 5,000 in the USA alone.

Of all the U.S. properties reporting results, 30% said they were extremely or very profitable in the last six months, up from 27% when TripAdvisor last conducted the survey in December 2011.

When compared with other nations, the USA did better. In the Caribbean, 24% said they had improved, while 21% in Canada reported being profitable in the last six months.

Across North America, larger properties were more profitable than smaller ones. Large properties have 50 or more rooms.

In the U.S., 34% of larger properties said they were extremely or very profitable, compared with 24% of smaller properties.

Still, in the U.S., hotel owners' economic outlook has diminished with 62% expecting the economy to improve, down from 65% in December 2011.

That varies depending on the size of the property, however. Larger properties were more optimistic about the economic outlook in the next six months than smaller ones—67% vs. 57%...