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A behind-the-scenes look at the hiring process

In many ways, buyers of lottery tickets have more information about the game they’re playing than job candidates do. They know the odds, and how the numbers will be chosen, and when. That’s not always true when you fire off a resume, or even when you’re invited to interview.

So I’ve been asking recruiters, founders, and human resources executives about the parts of the hiring process that aren’t especially transparent to job-seekers. What exactly happens as they review resumes, conduct interviews, and make hiring decisions? I broke down their replies into three different phases of the hiring process.

Reviewing resumes. “If you live more than 25 miles from the job you’re applying for, delete your home address from your resume. It’s allowed,” says Rick Johanson, a search consultant at Boston-based Cannon Search Partners. Companies sometimes assume candidates living far away may not be as serious about the opportunity — or may not last long in the job. “The farther away your commute, the further you are from being considered,” Johnson says...

..Don’t deliver gifts to the receptionist or tchotchkes to the HR team hoping to get noticed. “It’s hard to remember ever taking someone seriously who sent in a pair of chopsticks, for example, because they heard the company served Chinese food on Fridays,” says Jeff Moore, head of global talent acquisition at Newton-based TripAdvisor, which runs a network of travel sites. Another way not to get taken seriously? Buy ads on Facebook or Google that target employees at the company you’re hoping to get hired by...