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13 of the best travel apps of 2012

If you have a penchant for traveling the world armed with little more than a passport and a smartphone, 2012 saw a slew of handy apps that could help you in your endeavors.

Indeed, The Next Web covered thousands of apps throughout this year, from nifty new browser extensions, to the latest game-changing Android and iOS apps, so we sifted through the archives and pulled out some of best travel apps of 2012…just for you.

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Business traveler Matthew Daimler launched SeatGuru more than a decade ago, having become frustrated at the vast differences between seating arrangements across airlines. His main purpose? To collect this data and share it with other fussy travelers.
The result was a single, color-coded interactive airplane seating chart. Green is a ‘good’ seat, red is a ‘not-so-good’ seat, and yellow is a ‘avoid-at-all-costs ‘seat.

In the ten years since launch, SeatGuru has expanded to cover more than 700 aircraft seatmaps across almost 100 airlines. Oh, and in 2007, SeatGuru was acquired by TripAdvisor.
With the launch of its first iOS app in March, followed by Android five months later, SeatGuru is now well-and-truly in the modern digital age.