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To Take the Hassle Out of Traveling, Pack These Apps

Updating your travel apps on your smartphone or tablet at the New Year is a good habit to have—like changing smoke-detector batteries. A number of new and established apps offer more sophisticated tools and information this year to make your travels more enjoyable, easier and safer.
In my own New Year's updating, I tried nearly 50 apps to find the best of breed. Here's a list of my favorites. (All apps are free of charge except where noted.)…

For Flying
Flight tracking is important because travelers need to act fast when things go wrong at airlines—and things often go wrong. Being the first to know of a cancellation or long delay can put you first on the phone or in line to rebook.
FlightTrack Pro, a $9.99 app, offers a host of flight information, including delay history and real-time status.
My new favorite: FlightTrack Pro. It costs $9.99, but is well worth it. FlightTrack Pro pushes alerts to your phone or tablet, shows a map of your flight with weather and lets you tap into a host of features, such as terminal maps, Seat-Guru evaluations and a search function for alternative flights. You can email your flight's status to someone. FlightTrack will sync with Tripit and find trips to track on calendars...