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Global Travel Indicators For 2013

...Pulling my best Nate Silver-like quant calculus, I have created The World's Greatest Travelers 2013 Aggregate Travel Metrics, as selected by fellow travel experts, informal focus groups and the accumulation of online survey data. Collectively, they reveal an optimistic travel trend that is looking up (way up); there seems to be a tremendous amount of pent up leisure travel demand with international travel high on the list of travelers in 2013.

Here are the top seven global travel-related barometers that, when taken as a whole, indicate positive global travel trends for 2013...

...6. TripAdvisor's trend-spotting Trip Index reveals that globetrotters are looking for "affordabe exotic enclaves" and ready to visit places that offer the biggest travel bang for the buck, like Vietnam, Thailand, Poland, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Nepal, Panama and Portugal. They also report that 68% of Americans plan to travel outside the U.S. in 2013!...