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Road-Tested Suggestions

Go ahead — we dare you to read this list of travel tips and not clap your hand to your head and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" When we asked readers to contribute their best tips for travel, we were overwhelmed by the number and comsengen (a word we just coined that's short for "common sense genius") of the ideas. Do you always forget your phone charger in your hotel room? Do you wonder why, when your flight is canceled, you end up standing in long lines while others whisk off to their new flight? And how in the world do some people easily convert whatever the local currency is while you're standing there doing math in your head? Here are some of the hows and whys that can make your travel easier. So grab a cup of coffee and a couple of aspirin for the headache you'll get from smacking yourself on the head…

Flying: choosing a seat

Go to for valuable information about exceptionally good and bad seats on each aircraft. We learned that Row 40 on KLM's Boeing 777-200ER has more leg room than other economy section seats because of a bend in the fuselage. And that the A380 we flew to Australia has one seat in economy that has no seat in front of it because of an emergency hatch for the crew's quarters below. We got it.
Greg and Charlotte Nelson
Mission Viejo