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Squawk on the Street - Steve Kaufer interview

The world's largest travel site, TripAdvisor just hit a new milestone: 100 million reviews on its site on its 19 brands and counting. Steve Kaufer is the president, CEO and cofounder of TripAdvisor...

Steve: "It's really a testament to the worldwide interest in reading reviews and opinions from so many of your fellow travelers. 100 million reviews and opinions, and this is from a monthly user base of about 200 million, folks, visiting the TripAdvisor sites each and every month across the globe...

...We absolutely see our mobile usage improve, and the monetization improves, as well, but for us there's so much more to planning a trip than can be done on a small screen. We think that the mobile opportunity is actually much bigger for TripAdvisor when someone is in destination, once they're actually on the trip.  Now they have this incredibly connected device in their pocket to get more tips and opinions, reviews, what's near me now, and where's the best place to eat and where do I go next, and all of the things one can do when they're on the road..."