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After the Bell - Steve Kaufer interview

Investors are giving TripAdvisor a positive review with the stock hitting new all-time high, now up 85% since the spin-off from Expedia in late 2011. The push higher comes as the company announces it is the first travel site to reach 100 million reviews and opinion, more than a 50% increase year-over-year. With us the TripAdvisor CEO and president, Steve Kaufer. 

Steve: “Well a really big thank you goes out there to all of these contributors, the millions that have really helped us over the years build up such a compelling corporate content. All these reviews, opinions, candid photos, that is what makes the site come alive all around the world... 

...Desktop is still the predominant usage but mobile is growing quite fast. We see a lot of tablet usage, as well, and tablet from a user perspective looks very similar to a desktop. Mobile for TripAdvisor is a fantastic opportunity to develop a great product for someone already at their destination, already in a new city, or at a national park, or wherever..."