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TripAdvisor CEO: What's ahead after 100M milestone

TripAdvisor is celebrating a milestone: 100 million reviews and opinions. I'm Adrienne Mitchell and I about what got it there and what's ahead with TripAdvisor cofounder and CEO Steve Kaufer, who told me what that number means to him and the company.

Steve: “An incredible testament to the power of how many people are interested in sharing their opinions and their trip-- where they want to go, where they're staying, what they're doing when they get there, what they're eating. And all sorts of information that can really help the next traveler plan and have their perfect trip. We started collecting reviews a decade ago and we're still doing that, but one would barely recognize the site and certainly the functionality of the site with our sorting, our filtering, our highlighting of advice from your Facebook friends, flights, vacation rentals, photos, room tips. The feature list and how the site is different is a super long list and I think that over the decade we've grown from a few 100,000 users to over 2 million users each and every month. And again it's a testament to the fact that it's a global traveling audience coming back to get an incredible amount of free content to help plan their next trip...”