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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to have exclusive TripAdvisor integration

Samsung normally has one exclusive app on its flagship phones. Last year it was Flipboard on the Galaxy S3, and it seems this year it will be TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor, the extremely popular travel website, will have its app pre-loaded onto the Samsung Galaxy S4 in addition to having the app integrated into some of Samsung’s own apps like the Travel Widget.

Samsung’s Travel Widget will showcase TripAdvisor photos from a number of popular travel locations around the world. Touching the on-screen star will save that photo to the TripAdvisor app and tapping the photo will bring up a list of information, such as reviews, photos, opinions and contact info.

In addition to having quick access to travel information via the Travel Widget, user can opt to have a beautiful slideshow of travel photos when the Galaxy S4 is locked. It’s a great way to show off travel locations on the beautiful Full HD display. It appears that TripAdvisor will also be integrated into Samsung Story Album.