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Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities for Room Service

...Turns out it's the least expensive U.S. city for room service, according to a new study from TripAdvisor. The study looked at the combined cost of a club sandwich ordered from room service, a bottle of water, a mini bottle of vodka, peanuts, a can of soda from the mini bar, and dry cleaning for one shirt. Average price in Denver: $40. Average price in Honolulu, the most expensive U.S. city for room service: $65.

Why the discrepancy in prices? After all, it seems reasonable that people would be more likely to venture out in Hawaii rather than in Denver (no offense to the Mile High City but it ain't Honolulu). My guess? People in Hawaii are far more likely to be on a "special" vacation like a honeymoon and more willing to fork over the cash than people who are visiting Denver who could be in town for a variety of reasons, including business...