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TripAdvisor Review Express Service Lets Businesses Bulk Email Visitors To Ask For Reviews

TripAdvisor already has more than 100 million reviews on its sites... Review Express, a service the travel Web site launched today, is meant to help TripAdvisor grow its roster of reviews by making it easy for venues to request them from customers.

Review Express allows businesses to send bulk emails to guests asking them to write reviews, which are then published on TripAdvisor. The incentive for businesses to use Review Express is that the more reviews a venue has on TripAdvisor, the more credence it has in the eyes of potential customers. In its press release, TripAdvisor also cited a 2012 study by the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration showing consumers are now reading more reviews before deciding on a hotel and that if a hotel increases its review scores by 1 point on a 5-point scale, it can up its price by 11.2 percent without losing market share...