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10 Of The Quirkiest Hotels In The U.S., According To TripAdvisor

We've heard of our share of very unusual hotels, including prison hotels, a cruise ship resort, ice hotels, treehouse lodging, a gas station-turned-AirBnB, a "homeless" hotel, and even a morgue hotel. But a bed & breakfast in the shape of a giant beagle?! Yes, it exists -- here in the U.S.

Now TripAdvisor has added onto the pile with 10 of the quirkiest accommodations in the United States.

Travelers seeking bizarre, memorable places to stay should check out any of these properties, which include locomotive lodging, a historic ferry, a Victorian lighthouse, and a B&B that floats.

“For travelers who want a truly unique experience on vacation and stories to tell for a lifetime, these funky properties will surely fit the bill,” said Brooke Ferencsik, Director of Communications at TripAdvisor...