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TripAdvisor airs first TV ads

TripAdvisor is launching its first TV advertising campaign this fall, with two 30-second spots airing nationwide starting Monday.

The ads, the first in the Newton-based travel site’s 13-year history, each feature a hotel guest with TripAdvisor’s signature “bubble” ratings—the system for giving an establishment a one- to five-star review—at the top of the screen.

In one ad, a woman walks through a nondescript three-bubble hotel, but when she pulls back the curtain in her room to reveal a stunning ocean view, the rating jumps to five.

In the other ad, the the hotel rating climbs from four to five when a worker delivers a tube of toothpaste to a guest’s door. The tagline: “Every experience counts.”

TripAdvisor is also testing TV ads in other countries, including France, Spain, and Argentina.

“After growing to become the world’s largest travel site in the last 13 years, we feel now is the time to enlist other channels to help us share our story, including advertising on television,” Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer at TripAdvisor, said in a statement. “There are 260 million unique visitors to TripAdvisor every month which is amazing, but that also means there are still over 2 billion internet users we want to reach.”