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Five Best Travel Planning Apps

TripAdvisor is the quintessential travel planning service. It's not going to collect your travel information and help you plan out each leg of your trip and when you need to get where you have to go, but it will help you plan your trip from the beginning, much like TouristEye (and unlike TripIt, WorldMate, and TripCase.) Plus, since TripAdvisor is arguably the web's largest repository of hotel and destination reviews, ratings, photos, and other information, it's difficult to use any of the other services without finding TripAdvisor data integrated somewhere. If you're headed to a hotel you've never stayed at, TripAdvisor is your best bet to see if there are amenities you need, or if people who have stayed there before report horror stories in their wake. Similarly, it's a great site to use to plan destination getaways, huge trips, or find resorts and other places you'd love to retreat to.

Those of you who praised TripAdvisor highlghted the fact that it's a fantastic resource for travelers of all stripes, and the fact that it's great for finding new and interesting destinations as well as figuring out what to do when you're in a given place. Of course, if you know you want to go to a specific place but don't know how to get there, where to stay, or what to do, TripAdvisor will help walk you through that process as well. Just tell it where you want to go and when, and it'll help you find hotel rooms, flights, and so on. It'll even keep all of those confirmations organzied in your account for easy reference later. It is, by and large, the default service to answer the question: "I'd like to go to X place, I wonder what I should do while I'm there." Plus, it's packed with travel tips and tricks from experts, business travelers, and enthusiasts. Grab the TripAdvisor mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone here...