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Yes, You Can Still Go to the World Cup Without Going Broke

...Believe it or not, there are still hotel rooms to be had. But at least in the most popular cities, the pickings are slim and the prices high. According to a TripAdvisor analysis, which looked at data from early May, Brazilian lodging during the World Cup period is up an average 120% over the same time last year. The good news, says TripAdvisor’s Brooke Ferencsik, is that hotel prices have edged down slightly in recent weeks, dropping from an average of $298 across the 12 host cities, to $275.

Not surprisingly, TripAdvisor fingered Rio as the most expensive location, with the average per-night hotel rate now coming in at $464. To go cheaper, head to Sao Paulo, where the average rate is a relatively mild $192. The only problem: Sao Paulo doesn’t host a U.S. group stage match. For that, the best deal is Natal ($281). Still, a recent search of TripAdvisor found plenty of rooms for less than that, including ten options for $116 to $260 per night on June 16, when the Americans take on Ghana...