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TripAdvisor launches customized travel recommendations

Finding the right beach vacation may have just gotten easier.

TripAdvisor has unveiled its latest search feature that presents users with personalized recommendations based on search history, travel preferences and site usage.

The company announced its “Just for You” feature today and hopes it will make the entire searching and planning experience more relevant for site users.

“By virtue of the insights and attributes that we’ve gathered from millions of traveler reviews and opinions, TripAdvisor is uniquely able to match travelers with their ideal hotels,” said Adam Medros, senior vice president, global product, in a press release.

Searchers can now tag certain travel preferences as they surf through destinations like price, hotel class, amenities and brand. The travel site will log these tags, along with traveler’s previous search history and recommendations of other places, to deliver customized results on future travel inquiries.

“With the new feature, we can not only match a traveler with their preferred type of hotel, but we can suggest the trendy, boutique hotel located downtown with a swimming pool because we know those are the specific hotel characteristics you like,” Medros continued.

But how invasive is the new function?

According to the Boston Globe, TripAdvisor claims that it only monitors activity on its website and does not track general browsing history. Members may grant the site access to their Facebook accounts for more personalized results.