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The Strong Dollar Just Made Retiring Abroad Much More Appealing

As we write this, in March of 2015, the economy is improving in the U.S. The dollar is stronger than ever.

That means now is the time to take those powerful dollars abroad ... especially to regions where the dollar buys more today than ever before.

Plan a trip to France, Spain, or Italy... Take a couple of weeks to explore Brazil, Colombia or Mexico... Go off to dance the tango in Argentina or Uruguay... Head to Southeast Asia and explore ancient kingdoms...

In these attractive travel destinations, the dollar is particularly robust against the local currency. The U.S. dollar recently hit a 12-year high against the euro and other currencies and will now buy you more euros, pesos, ringgits and baht than it has in many a year.

According to a recent TripAdvisor survey of international hotel prices, the travel powerhouse reports, "the cost for U.S. travelers to book an international hotel room has decreased seven percent, year-over-year."

According to that survey, some of the countries with the largest percentage of hotel price decreases in the last year include Russia (-45.2 percent), Sweden (-19.1 percent), France (-12.6 percent) and Uruguay (-12.2 percent).

And it's not just hotel accommodations. You'll find bargains on food, entertainment, shopping, and everything in between. Some economic experts believe this is a trend that's here to stay a good long while...